Three keys to the success of gift promotion execution

by:Ennas      2022-02-12

People often say that three points are planned and seven points are executed.” As the last link to the success of gift promotion, it plays a decisive role in the success or failure of the entire gift promotion.   The gift company fully mobilizes the enthusiasm of the promoters and makes Promoters fully master the promotion skills and monitor the promotion activities throughout the three important links to ensure the implementation of the promotion.    Motivate enthusiasm research found that the general promoters only play 20% to 30% of the ability in the promotion, if they are fully motivated You can play 80%~90% of your ability. In other words, by motivating future generations' positive behaviors, you can increase it by 50%~60%.    In promotional activities, if you can’t even mobilize the enthusiasm of the promoters, then you shouldn’t expect Mobilize consumers' enthusiasm for purchasing products. Under the rewards, there must be brave men. While implementing spiritual incentives, material incentives must be implemented in promotional activities. Everyone's interests are linked to the results of sales promotion. The set goals have been reached. You must reward, and you must reward if you surpass the goal. The power of an example is infinite. As long as one person eats an apple, others will act because of the temptation.    Do a good job of promotion, training, gift promotion, there is a combat plan, with a combat weapon, The soldiers are filled with righteous indignation. With these, can we guarantee victory?   Many promotional event organizers often overlook a simple and important issue, that is, the training of promotional personnel. It is not only necessary to let him understand the purpose and significance of the entire battle, and the combat. Intention, and let him understand the mission he carries in this battle, the role he plays, and the things he needs to do. More importantly, he must be taught how to use weapons and the methods needed to complete the mission.    In the promotion and training link, not only must Let everyone memorize what he should know and the skills he wants to use, conduct rigorous evaluation tests, and conduct simulated actual combat exercises. Use the shortest time and the simplest method to train each promoter to be able to fight, Standing is the king of soldiers.    Supervise and adjust managers who rely on the self-consciousness of employees to work are always unqualified managers. Even with a good plan, a good plan, a good weapon, and a good training, if you are implementing it If the link is not monitored, then there is still no guarantee that there will be no problems with the promotional results. Rewards should be rewarded to make others salivate, and fines should be punished to make others tremble.    In promotional activities, promotion supervision is just as important as a severe reward and punishment system. Optional. Supervision can not only ensure that the promotion implementation remains unchanged, but also can promptly discover the problems in the promotion process, make effective adjustments according to the actual situation, and ensure that the promotion execution is always running efficiently.    As the drafter of the promotion solution, the promoter must understand , The promotion plan is not only for the leader to see, but also to guide the subordinates. The promotion plan made purely to please the boss, looks prosperous, and often finds many pieces of execution in the implementation. One only has the planner. Or a plan that can only be executed by someone above the level of the planner, no matter how good it is, it is doomed to fail. According to the promotion plan, if the people who go to work on the first day can understand the intention, master the skills, and achieve the preset plan Implementation goals, then at least this program will not cause any major problems in implementation.
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