Three driving factors of the toy consumer market

by:Ennas      2021-12-03

Research shows that residents' income, the number of core age consumer groups and family structure are the three major driving factors of the toy consumer market.  According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2012, the per capita disposable income of urban households in my country reached 24,500 yuan, and the per capita net income of rural households reached 7,900 yuan. The compound growth rate in the past ten years has exceeded 12%. The rapid growth of residents' income has laid a material foundation for the development of my country's toy consumer market.   The core consumers of toys are children aged 0-14. According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics: in 2012, the number of people aged 0-14 in my country was about 223 million, accounting for 16.45% of the total population. At the same time, the number of newborns in my country will maintain an annual growth rate of about 16 million. The huge population base of children has created a huge potential toy consumer market. At present, the parents of children aged 0-14 are born in the 1970s and 1980s, all have a certain degree of education, are more open-minded, and pay more attention to nurturing the next generation. In recent years, investment in the development of early childhood intelligence, especially in the purchase of educational products, has increased significantly. Due to family planning reasons, each family has only 1-2 children. The special structure of the family is 4 elderly people + 2 adults + 1 and 2 children, making early education and entertainment for children more and more important. This provides development opportunities for the toy industry, but at the same time puts forward higher requirements for the safety and innovation of toy products. According to the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics of the sales of all the booths in the toy commodity trading market above 100 million yuan, the sales in 2012 reached 35 billion yuan. But at present, the per capita consumption of toys for children in my country is far lower than that of developed countries, and even lower than the world average. In 2010, the per capita consumption of toys for children in my country was less than US$20, which was only 1/14 of the US, 1/18 of the UK, and 2/5 of Brazil.
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