Three Chinese painting art will be exhibited in Shanghai

by:Ennas      2020-06-16
Core tip: sponsored by the Shanghai number one gallery 'jiangsu, zhejiang, Shanghai, Hong Kong and the traditional Chinese painting art masters exhibited on November 1, 2008 officially carried out in one gallery, on November 1, and will then in pavilion sponsored by the Shanghai number one gallery' jiangsu, zhejiang, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Chinese painting art masters exhibited on November 1, 2008 officially carried out in one gallery, and on November 1, then the opening reception was held in the museum hall. According to one art gallery, the high grade hall art exhibition location, the artist in recent years, the art of well-chosen and latest works and more than 150 pieces. One one of the highlight of the exhibition: Shanghai museum integrates the artistic talent and peripheral resources, show diversity, pay attention to communication, classic, respect the artist's personality and emotion, more respect for the art history of the mood and the content behind, there are a lot of practical experience in art exchange, will undoubtedly play an immense role of contemporary ink painting. Point # 2: the exhibition invited to a dozen backbone of currently active in the Chinese ink painting line - — Song Yulin, YuJiGao, Yin Shi, xiao-min wu, Wu Shanming, zhang jie, WeiXiaoRong, Ma Fenghui, hai-feng sun, xie hai, grace tan poi chiew, Zhang Qiangxin, Gong Jixian, Tang Yilan etc, they are all in the inheritance of the ink and traditional made extraordinary achievements. Can fully show the academic context of contemporary art traditional influence, in order to highlight the national identity of Chinese culture. The art of Chinese painting has a long history, my lover. The landscape painting and flower and-bird painting originates in wei jin southern and northern dynasties period. After two song dynasty, five dynasties and yuan, Ming and qing, Chinese painting skills and art height has reach the limit, or the elegant beauty, or XianQingYiCu, appeal and poetry, books, printing more ink organic fusion, is special materials with writing brush, ink, paper, building a unique perspective theory, bold and free to break the limit of time and space, is a highly recapitulate and imagination, this kind of excellent technique and means, to form the unique Chinese painting language, the system, so that they are important in the world of art in the east of the status and influence. One of Shanghai art gallery is a well-known artists and critics at home and abroad of the art of the panel to support, collection of oil painting, traditional Chinese painting, figurines, engravings, etc for the integration of professional, academic communication, education, interaction and service platform for the multifunctional culture and art, is after the new world of luwan district, no. 8 bridge based on the art of high-end target positioning landmarks, and with the globalization of high-end art interaction activities. As a high-end cultural art a dazzling star, the design style of the neoclassicism, incorporates NEW ARTDECO NEW decorative style, contracted, luxury, combined with modern science and technology's top configuration and ancient and modern harmony, the breath of match well of Chinese and western, make art gallery style positioning and artistic atmosphere extremely close to perfect. At the same time, different from general art gallery display function is strong, the characteristics of the communication function is weak, one art gallery in adhering to the professional and academic at the same time, also set up 'one, art hall', provides members and guests with a communication, appreciation and evaluation, the elegance of a press conference, academic discussion platform. In Chinese contemporary works gradually achieve the peak, the international art pattern have quietly reshuffle, one of Shanghai art gallery sponsored the jiangsu, zhejiang and Shanghai famous exhibition of Chinese painting art 'is a real and contemporary artist and ink date, to send a Chinese ink painting really clear signal into the international market.
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