Thousands of Jiangsu Yehao Service Parks, exhibiting new educational toys at CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition

by:Ennas      2021-12-20

Jiangsu Yehao's product system is divided into indoor toys and outdoor educational toys, which can meet the basic hardware facilities of the garden. Chairman Hao Chengfeng has visited kindergartens large and small in most parts of the country, so he is more aware of what kind of products each kindergarten needs and what kind of design scheme is suitable. Therefore, in terms of creating product differentiation, Yehao mainly provides one-stop services for kindergartens such as customized educational toys, design solutions and overall installation. So far, Yehao has provided one-stop services such as customized design. Thousands. Hao Chengfeng, Chairman of Jiangsu Yehao Teaching Equipment Co., Ltd., the exhibitor of CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition in 2020, Chairman Hao Chengfeng also mentioned: 'Whether it is talking about business with the park or designing products based on the park, or even product selection, product training, etc., In order to maintain quality and quantity, I personally do it myself, and I deal with the principal in the way of making friends, so the kindergartens I have worked with can basically become Yehao’s “returning customers”.” 1. Grasp the trend to open up the market and achieve annual performance Double Growth Yehao Company was established in 2014. During the six years of development, the overall revenue has doubled every year. The company started as Taobao e-commerce at the beginning of its establishment. In 2014, it successfully registered the 'Yehao Hao Kindergarten' wooden educational toy product online shop. In the first year of the establishment of e-commerce, the sales of Yehao Company exceeded 10 million yuan, and a group of old customers of Yehaozao were formed through the channel of e-commerce to the WeChat operation. Chairman Hao Chengfeng said: 'At present, our customer base is mainly composed of old customers who were attracted by Taobao in the early stage, bidding customers, and a larger part of customers who met through the exhibition. When doing Taobao e-commerce, we realized that customer stickiness Therefore, most of our customers will be attracted to the WeChat community to operate, especially during the epidemic period, we also opened a dozen Douyin accounts, through Moments, Douyin, etc., new customers and old Customers can always learn about our new product developments and case presentations.' Two. Mainly through the exhibition, we have accumulated tens of thousands of customers. It can be said that Yehao is also a company that has grown up under the influence of the exhibition. Large and small exhibitions, for the newly established Yehao company, the exhibition can quickly create a brand, form an influence in the circle, and efficiently connect with buyers. Chairman Hao Chengfeng said: “Since 2015, Yehao Company will participate in the CPE China Early Childhood Education Exhibition every year. From 2016 to 2018, Yehao Company has participated in the exhibition for several consecutive years, plus a small number of customers acquired by bidding, and it has accumulated Tens of thousands of customers. In the future, I also hope that we can rely on our own resource advantages in the Caodian Educational Toys Production Area to organize an exhibition in the local government.” Yehao’s CPE China Early Childhood Education Exhibition Booth in 2019 III. Pay attention to the construction of exhibition halls. How many will it attract during the epidemic? Baiyuan principal dealers visited Yehao also attached great importance to the construction of the exhibition hall. In October last year, a 2000 square meter indoor + 500 square meter outdoor exhibition hall was built. Although not many people came to visit during the severe epidemic period in February and March, it was from April to May this year. In the middle of the month, a total of hundreds of person-times of park directors, distributors, etc. came to visit, which greatly helped Yehao's new and old customers to retain. Yehao Company’s indoor exhibition hall Furnishing Yehao Company’s outdoor showroom Furnishing Yehao Company has participated in the 2020 CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition, and has entered the China Toys and Baby Products Association '365 Cloud ExhibitionBaby Products Association. The '365 Cloud Exhibition' platform has achieved remarkable results, with 2.7 million views and E docking with the China Game Association '365 Cloud Exhibition' platform. At present, 2500+ exhibitors have settled in, including 20,000+ toys and baby products, 1800+IP, At the same time, it also gathered 150,000+ buyers of toys, infants and children’s education supplies, retail chain agencies, educational institutions, commercial real estate, etc., with more than 2,700,000 page views. One-to-one cloud service guides industry companies anytime throughout the year. E docking to help exhibitors and visits achieve better results! About CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition As a high-quality business platform for the international kindergarten education industry, CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition is positioned as 'professionalization, branding, and internationalizationIt is a platform for product display docking and cutting-edge theory collision of the entire industry chain in the field. The exhibition scale is expected to reach 37,000 square meters in 2020, bringing together more than 400 exhibitors from more than 30 countries and regions around the world, 1,000+ well-known brands, 55,000+ professional visitors, covering integrators, purchasers, park managers, real estate developers, and education complexes Wait. The 2020 CLE China Authorized Exhibition, CKE China Baby and Child Exhibition, CTE China Toy Fair, and CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition will be on the same stage at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on October 21-23, 2020. The old time, the old place, and the more effective it is good. At present, the exhibition application and visit registration system is fully open. Baidu searches for CPE China Early Childhood Education Exhibition, log in to the official website, click on the company to book booths or buyers to register and purchase to participate.
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