'Thomas and his friends' toy series released images of new friends around the world

by:Ennas      2021-12-25

Mattel’s 'Thomas and His Friends' toy series recently released images of 14 new friends from all over the world. You may be relatively unfamiliar with 'Thomas'. It actually comes from the text of the 'Railroad Series' created by British priest Rifle Audrey in 1945. The plot is simple. It mainly tells the story of a group of talking locomotives taking place on Sodo Island. , And finally leave some simple and easy-to-understand truths to the child. The main character is a locomotive named 'Thomas'.   This story originally belonged to the British HIT Entertainment Company. In 1984, HIT made the story into an animation and broadcast it on the BBC, which won a lot of praise. In 2009, HIT Entertainment used a computer to generate images and expanded the 'Thomas' brand into the digital field.   In January 2009, Mattel's Fisher-Price and HIT reached a licensing agreement on 'Thomas and His FriendsAs for Mattel, before the second half of 2015, it is the world’s number one toy manufacturer. We have a detailed introduction in 'Even if the two largest companies in the toy industry merge, it may not change much.' (If you are interested, please click Yellow or check it out in the extended reading section at the end of the article).   The face of the newly released locomotive toy looks almost the same as the previous Thomas. The difference is that it adds a bit of regional characteristics, both in terms of appearance and name.   For example, the locomotive from China is named YongBao, with a doll hat with Chinese characteristics on the head, and the body uses Chinese red.   Another example is Ashima in India. There are many patterns on the train with Indian characteristics, the iconic Indian face, big eyebrows and big eyes.  Of course, Raul of Brazil uses the colors of the Brazilian flag.   It is worth mentioning that of the 14 new toys, four of them were made into female figures. Mattel is also planning to sell Thomas to girls.   The data on toys for girls in Mattel’s last year’s financial report is not very good. The financial report shows that the sales of Barbie dolls have fallen by 1% compared with last year, and the sales of other girl brands have fallen by 21%.   Last year, we mentioned that Lego wanted to sell toys to girls, and finally succeeded. According to data from the European consulting agency NPDGroup, sales of girls in the European and American markets reached US$900 million in 2014, a three-fold increase in three years. NPDGroup also mentioned that the growth is largely due to the LegoFriends series that Lego created specifically for girls in 2012.  Gender assignment in the toy world is not a new topic. Amazon, an e-commerce platform, believes that gender distinction is a very old thing. Last year, they decisively went offline to search for toys by gender, leaving only the 'screening' of toys based on children's age and toy type. But it is undeniable that the toy industry also emphasizes 'political correctness.' Whether it is Barbie's first launch of Barbie dolls that are closer to ordinary girls at the beginning of the year, or Lego launches a series specifically for girls, it is a kind of catering, but at the same time, it is clearly stated. 'Women' also opened up a market segment.   It is reported that these new images of Thomas will officially appear in a movie called 'The Great Race' in 2016, which will be released in May. Whether it is 'The Lego MovieBut that first has to be a high-grossing movie.
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