This year is the most beautiful ice sculpture, is absolutely in changchun small sculpture garden, watch will definitely regret

by:Ennas      2021-10-03
Core tip: in the changchun world saw a small statue park ice sculptures, feel is really beautiful! The colourful color, the glittering and translucent get rid of simple sense, and the lifelike, is people's congress in the changchun world saw a small statue park ice sculptures, feel is really beautiful! The colour of the rainbow, the glittering and translucent get rid of simple sense, and the lifelike skills, is really make people praise! Since the tang dynasty, there was ice sculpture, what reason is that, because the time of the rich and powerful families will hoard a lot of ice, for their hot season. At a time when the tang clear huang minion guo-zhong Yang, for busy in summer fete guest, don't let the guests feel hot, so let the craftsman to carving chunks of ice into various animals such as flowers, not only can have cooling effect, also can have beautiful effect, it is also a rich guo-zhong Yang showed his purpose, because the ice in the summer season, is a big thing. And ice sculpture has been spread so far, but also carry forward, not only more delicate carving, also use modern science and technology, combined with the lamplight illuminate, thus, ice sculpture is pieces of art. When it comes to ice sculpture art, this time we park in changchun world figurine, see such a beautiful statues made of ice. Has not yet come to watch carefully, you attracted by these gorgeous colour, have to say, the light is really very good, glittering and translucent get rid of the color is very beautiful! Ice sculptures, at an early stage and select each piece of qualified ice is very important, must choose the ice cube is transparent, the raw materials to the glittering and translucent connect fully, but also exquisite carving fine, such as fine to a feather and to carve out a hair, that must be concave and convex have send, the most important thing is to see what had carved works of charm, that is to say, although this is just a piece of ice, but to give the ice life, this is very test technology of live. Here are from Russia, Mongolia and other foreign artists carved statues made of ice, also have our Chinese artist carving works, ice sculpture works in a multinational cooperation, each with a very high artistic value, exquisite carving skills only beautiful and lifelike, is to see your big magic ah. To see these ice sculpture works, it is not only the visual enjoyment, is a kind of spiritual enjoyment to the extreme, art, really is a magic weapon that can be moved around the world. Because of the gorgeous, because pure, with these sculptures, became a little girls favorite things to do, but do not damage the ice sculpture art, more don't let yourself wrestling, which, after all, it will be very slippery ice. Besides ice sculptures, and gorgeous garden lights, let a person feel is completely in a fairy tale world, changchun figurines garden ice sculpture exhibition in the world, don't come I don't know, then forget!
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