This kind of toys is expected to sell well in 2021, and the big-name new products are the first to see!

by:Ennas      2021-11-03
With the development of social media, various styles of popular music have been spread more widely through social media platforms and become part of the trend culture. At the same time, music also helps children's brain development and artistic enlightenment. Therefore, more and more toy manufacturers incorporate musical elements into their designs and launch music-themed toys. 01 Exercise music perception and encourage music creation. Some toy manufacturers have launched music-themed toys based on training and improving children's perception of music, encouraging the use of imagination and creativity in music creation. Gradually improve the understanding of music rhythm and rhythm in the study and creation. ▊ Lego Vidiyo Set: Combine AR technology and use apps to make music videos. The Lego Group and Universal Music Group have cooperated to launch Vidiyo music video production apps and building block sets. Each BeatBox building block set contains one type of music. After users scan the building blocks through the Vidiyo app, they can use the built-in music and other elements of the app to make AR animated music videos, and share them on social platforms. Suitable age: 7-10 years old ▊ First Act Drumming Toys: Provide six rock style music rhythms, and improvise personalized percussion music. First Act is a new musical toy brand launched by Jazwares. This children’s drumming toy is equipped with four drum boards and contains six different styles of rock music rhythms, encouraging children to be creative and improvise personalized percussion music. Cultivate children's love for music and bring a real drummer experience. Suitable age: over 5 years old 02 Incorporate musical style elements to reflect fashion trends. Toy manufacturers combine specific styles of musical elements with their own products. Through toy appearance, accessories, packaging and other aspects, the theme of musical style is reflected, allowing children to play Experience the charm of fashion trends. ▊ L.O.L. Surprise! BFF Sweetheart Rock Singer Doll: Reflect the rock style through clothing and hair accessories. This LOL surprise doll sets the identity of a rock singer. It embodies a strong rock style through wave hairstyles and clothes tied around the waist. Together with BFF Sweethearts Punk Boi, another punk doll in the series, the show complements each other. Suitable age: 4 years old and above▊ Mengqi B.Duck Dream Journey Rotating Music Box: Music and miniature landscapes show different themes and features. This series of music boxes adopt the blind box form, and there are 9 styles with hidden models. . Each style shows a different theme through the miniature landscape, the dress of the little yellow duck and the music contained in the music box. It satisfies the hobbies of young people who love music and art, and increases the fun and playability of the blind box. Appropriate age: Adult 03 Musical instrument and player cognition, focusing on music enlightenment. For infants and young children, music enlightenment can help young children's brain development. Therefore, toy manufacturers combine the functions of musical instruments and players with cute appearance, sound and light and other elements to launch toy products with musical enlightenment functions. ▊ Ai Meng Bao Hippo Art Piano: a variety of model design, from hearing, visual, and tactile music enlightenment. This hippo-shaped artistic piano adopts high-sensitivity, high-touch, high-fidelity new film pressing keys, with piano, nursery rhymes, and recording , Play four functions. There are four-color lights on the back, which can flash in rhythm with the song. Suitable age: 1 year old and above▊ Fisher-Price Laugh u0026 Learn Busy Boombox: Retro radio cassette player shape, multiple interactive elements bring more functions. This baby toy of Fisher Laugh u0026 Learn series adopts retro radio cassette player shape to bring young parents Their intimacy and freshness attract them to buy. At the same time, this toy is designed with multiple sound and light interactive elements, allowing babies to click as they please. In addition to playing music for music enlightenment, it also has certain early education functions such as English alphabet and number learning. Suitable age: 0.6-3 years old 04 Feel the melody of music and promote physical and mental development. Among the new musical themed toys launched by toy manufacturers, some new products have added electronic interactive functions. Toys can dance with music, thus encouraging target consumers not only to listen to music with their ears, but also to dance with toys, feel the melody of music in the dance, and promote physical and mental development. ▊ Hape sound and light rhythm practice drum: dual mode for rhythm perception and promote hand-brain coordination. This sound and light practice drum launched by Hape has two modes of rhythm and performance. In the rhythm mode, 6 basic rhythms are provided. You can follow the flashing guidance of the lights on the edge of the drum surface, and use the drum sticks of the corresponding color to hit the drum surface to exercise concentration and responsiveness. In the performance mode, 5 songs are provided with accompaniment. Follow the rhythm of the background music and follow the drum head notes to guide the drumming. The red light is on correctly, the yellow light and the blue light are on in error. Suitable age: over 3 years old ▊ Baby Gund clapping monkey music plush doll: encourage children to follow the toy to do clapping games and feel the beat of the music. This music plush doll has a switch on each left and right foot. Press the left foot switch to play English interaction Songs; pressing the right foot switch will open the clapping interactive mode, attracting children to imitate the clapping action of a little monkey, perceive the beat of the music, and carry out musical enlightenment. Suitable age: 0 years old and above▊ Huile Dancing Cat: With cheerful melody and funny dance, attract children to imitate and perceive the rhythm of music. Huile Dancing Cat has built-in multiple cheerful and dynamic children's songs, which can dance and dance in place. Funny dance gestures attract children's attention and arouse their interest in dance, so that they can imitate and feel the fun of dancing and the rhythm of music. This toy also has a voice interaction function, which enhances the fun of the toy, exercises and improves children's language expression ability. Suitable age: 1.5 years old and above
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