This DBS toy company in Guangdong is on fire at China International Toys (Shanghai)!

by:Ennas      2022-01-26
Riding the wind and waves all the way for 20 years, welcoming the new era in a special year, 2020 is a critical and challenging year for DBS (brand name: DBS). It is at the time when KA channels are expanding and developing international e-commerce. The sudden outbreak of the epidemic and the sudden cooling of market consumption have really made DBS and its major counterparts hold hands and sweat. With the country's efforts to control the epidemic, major companies finally ushered in the warm sunrise of economic recovery, and DBS has recovered from the past. We are so busy that even unexpectedly unexpected production system shifts have appeared, and supply is in short supply. Upon the 20th anniversary of DBS, we hope to show our sincerity and share this super large lineup gift with it! On October 21-23, the 19th China International Toy Fair (CTE) will be held as scheduled at the MAGIC CITY Shanghai New Expo Center. You have your waist exposed in the south, and I wear a mink in the north. This is the north-south temperature in the autumn and winter of previous years. The contrast is still no exception this year, but the difference is that in a special year, the golden autumn of October, when the economy is recovering, all major exhibitors and customers come with very enthusiastic expectations! DBS brought hundreds of exhibits to the Toy Fair this year. The three-day exhibition ended on the afternoon of the 23rd in the reluctant eyes of the crowd! This exhibition, DBS can be said to be a perfect ending, full of rewards! Wonderful playback ▼ DBS 20th Anniversary Dressing Gifts, the highly anticipated Hall N2, a charming girl pink gift box tied with a bright red bow, is highly eye-catching throughout the venue, yes, this is the DBS booth, sweet pink The gift box-themed booth design, combined with the implied gift of the 20th anniversary, vivid micro-scenes, various exquisite forms of boutique DBS dolls, attracted many visitors to the exhibition to stop and take pictures! The DBS product lineup of 100 models and the sincere gifts of the golden autumn harvest are enough to please you and me. Sharing a share of the results with them seems to be more fulfilling. The DBS boutique dolls exhibited this time are in addition to the 100 best-selling products of the entire product line. The highlight is a huge new product lineup with more than forty models. The new products of the Dream Fairy Tale series, the new products of the National Tide, the new products of Lolita, the new structure and the new concept of the pocket dolls are crowded in front of the exhibition area, allowing major customers and channel merchants to return with loads of loads! DBS's outstanding innovative design and winning millions of orders is the first step of DBS brand positioning. It has won customer recognition and excellent reputation in the past 20 years. For boutique fashion games, the second step after quality is design and innovation. This time, the new series of pocket dolls and the new series of fairy tales that DBS debuted this time have attracted a lot of attention and attracted many KA channels. Dealers came to taste and negotiate, and they won millions of booking orders on the first day of launch! What is the core of brand interaction in DBS's layout of in-depth interaction and playing with players to the ultimate toy industry? Play, let the C-end user players no longer just stay in the appearance preferences, guide users to go deep behind the product, understand the soul behind the product, play together, and create a unique toy personality through their own ideas! DBS will re-lay out the private domain of players in 2020, focusing on the DIY and modification of brand products, guiding and interacting with players through the media of major online platforms, to play the products to the extreme, DBS is bound to become more and more fun! DBS exerts its power to influence the world and Chinese culture influences the world. As a big toy manufacturing country, China has shifted from OEM manufacturing to the leadership of the oriental cultural market, and going abroad to influence the world is precisely the world's exploration and love of oriental culture. CTE serves as a docking with international industry merchants. International exhibitors increase year by year, cross-border e-commerce and domestic brands cooperate and merge, DBS discusses docking with major exhibitors, and highly believes that as a Chinese brand, it is necessary to promote the culture of the country to the world and become a world player We bring a richer experience! According to the toy industry data of the General Administration of Customs, the decline after the epidemic has narrowed sharply, exceeding market expectations and boosting the confidence of the industry! The potential displayed by Chinese toy brands is exciting. DBS will also work hand in hand with many colleagues to continue to break the waves and continue to contribute to the recovery of the global toy economy!
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