This building in the small town of Domeka has hidden mysteries, and it can be deformed even if you park

by:Ennas      2022-02-01
In the small town of Domeka, there is such a building, which usually looks exactly the same as an ordinary parking building. It is used for parking a large number of alloy cars. When you need it, it will deform and bring you a lot of fun. Yes, This building is the new product that I want to introduce to you today-the Transforming Car Building. As a large toy that can accommodate 30 Dome alloy cars and parked at the same time, the compact model of the Transforming Car Building is very attractive. After the car enters the building, it can climb to the top of the Transforming Car Building along the transparent elevator. Then along the circling road, lined up and drove away. Looking out from the inside of the Transforming Automobile Building, the view of Domeka Town is very good. The transforming car building has two modes for switching between manual and electric. In the electric mode, the baby can enjoy the car climbing rapidly. You can also turn the helipad to manually control the climbing speed of the alloy cars, and you can play without a battery~ The baby can also manually deform the deformed car building, from the compact mode to the unfolding dynamic mode, and the exit of the transparent elevator is corresponding The changes have taken place, and the baby can see the speeding figure of the Domi alloy car more clearly. Follow the alloy car and look down at the other interesting details of the deformed car building. Toggle the railing, the baby can stop the cars that are driving down here and wait, wait until there are enough cars in line, then raise the railings, and enjoy the scene of the whole fleet of cars starting together. In addition to driving away from the circling road of the Transformed Automobile Building, the car can also start through the small organ at the bottom of the building. Press the button, and the two cars can start at the same time. Let's check the speed. Taking into account the daily operation of Domeka town and the type of Domeka small cars, the Transformation Automobile Building also sets up unloading ports for large trucks on the back. Is it super realistic? What should I do if the nearby alloy car runs out of gas? Come to the gas station that transforms the car building. The gas gun of the gas station can be put down and put away to simulate the whole process of refueling. There are a lot of alloy cars at home, parents, parents, must be very concerned about how to store the cars, right? It doesn't matter, it's handed over to the Deformed Automobile Building to solve this new product. This new product has super-multiple parking spaces, can accommodate 30 alloy cars, and has a strong playability. It is the best solution for storage problems. The world view of Domeka Town is interconnected. If you have a variable speed highway or an expedition circling mountain trail at home, you may wish to connect the deformed car building with them by connecting road parts (sold separately) to build a larger scene. . The car can drive out of the transforming car building, and can go to other parts of the town through the speed-speed highway, or drive up the winding mountain road to start an adventure, bringing more happiness to fans who like Domei alloy cars. The above is the introduction of the new product transforming car building. The rich detailed design and large capacity make you crazy?
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