This 11-year-old boy turned the teddy bear into a high-tech weapon

by:Ennas      2021-11-13
On May 17 news, according to foreign media reports, Ruben Paul, a sixth-grade boy at the Austin School in Texas, USA, invaded the Bluetooth devices of experts present to manipulate a teddy bear at a cyber security conference in the Netherlands. , Showing that smart toys can also be weaponized.  On the stage of the University of Nova Scotia, the 11-year-old boy, Ruben Paul, showed us this process calmly. He connected the cute teddy bear to iCloud via WiFi and Bluetooth to receive and send messages.     Then, he plugged in a Raspberry Pi, a rogue device of the largest size, into his laptop, and scanned the Bluetooth devices available in the conference hall, and obtained the phone numbers of dozens of experts present. Then, using the Python computer programming language, he hacked into the teddy bear through one of the numbers, turned on a light bulb on the teddy bear, and stole a message from an expert's mobile phone.  Ruben Paul said that many Internet devices have Bluetooth capabilities. I can send commands through Bluetooth docking, and then I can record audio and turn on the lights.   The little boy said that in the future, the daily necessities around us, whether it is smart cars, refrigerators, lights or children's toy teddy bears, may be used to monitor us or bring us harm. He may even steal personal information, crack bank passwords, or monitor your location via GPS. This means that our personal information and even personal safety will be threatened in the future.   At present, with the help of his family, Reuben Paul has established an online Shaolin non-profit organization to remind people to strengthen their awareness of online prevention. He believes that network security requires the joint efforts of manufacturers, security researchers, and the government.   Keywords: smart toys, network security, teddy bear, network defense
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