Thirty is only the first choice for super cute treasure, you are only one distance away from the CTE China Toy Fair.

by:Ennas      2021-11-22

The annual cool drama 'Thirty Only' came to an end. The three heroines who stood at 30 finally chose their own path of life and moved forward courageously. From the beginning to the end, this drama has been a hot spot. Some people joked that it was A miraculous drama that 'persuades you to quit marriage, but lie to you to have a child'. In 'Thirty OnlyCute classmate Xu Ziyan. Many mothers on the Internet have finished watching the drama and said bluntly, 'I have no interest in men, just want to give birth to Xu Ziyan.' Xu Ziyan unexpectedly became popular and made his debut in the C position. It is true that Xu Ziyan’s children’s charm is unmatched. A pair of innocent and cute deer eyes, sweetness and a beating mouth, can be said to be responsible for the appearance and warmth of the whole show. Xu Ziyan's actor is Chen Tianyu, born on October 10, 2014. Xiao Tianyu was followed by film and television companies when he was one year old. He started shooting commercials, which is considered an old drama bone. Tianyu's mother also opened a Weibo account for him to record records. In Tianyu's life, all netizens started their happy daily life of raising children online. Tianyu in life is lively and cute, super healing, and still a super cute elementary school tyrant. Many mothers love houses and wu, and they have also been planted as Tianyu baby's study tables. In fact, this study desk has a great background, it is a touch study desk produced by VTech. VTech was established in 1976 and has now become a world-renowned infant and preschool e-learning product company. As an old brand with a history of more than 40 years, VTech has offices in 13 countries and regions, and product research and development centers in Hong Kong, China, Germany, the United States, Canada, etc., and always insists on innovation Based on the corporate mission of transcending technology, the production facilities of its e-learning products have obtained ISO 14001 environmental management standard certification, scientific design concepts, perfect production processes, and excellent product quality have created an unshakable industry for VTech status. This study table is a star product of VTech, just like Chen Tianyu's baby, it is also a combination of beauty and talent. The appearance is super cute and cute. It can realize any conversion of three forms of study table, drawing board and blackboard. It is powerful. This product is also equipped with 4 double-sided learning cards, including English, numbers, colors, life scenes, logical thinking, etc. 9 The pre-school essential knowledge content of large topics can meet the learning and game needs of children from 3 to 6 years old. VTech’s learning desk also uniquely launched the “touch learning desktop + encourage teaching” mode. Babies can define their own learning content, stimulate their interest in learning, cultivate their independent learning ability, and become a super cute student, from having a unique one. Of VTech, touch the learning desk to start! VTech’s official website announced the decision to participate in the 19th CTE China Toy Fair in 2020. On October 21-23, 2020, at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, VTech’s latest products will be released collectively, bringing together world-class brands and Buyers from all walks of life at home and abroad, the summit forums and trend conferences at the same time were also exciting. Now the buyer appointment registration has been fully opened. Log in to the CTE China Toy Fair buyer pre-registration system (http://suo.im/6uumra) for quick registration. You and the Internet celebrities are only one distance away from the exhibition!
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