There are hidden dangers in toy safety, and the big yellow duck can't escape it

by:Ennas      2021-11-25

Reporter investigates Sanwu 'bath ducks' flooding Yecheng. Recently, some netizens selected the top ten hot words on the Internet in 2013, among which 'big yellow duck' was listed. 'Big Yellow Duck' is based on the yellow duck doll in the bathtub in childhood, and it travels in many countries. For a time, there is an upsurge in buying yellow rubber duck toys everywhere. However, Hong Kong has revealed that the plasticizer content of some rubber duck toys exceeds the standard by as much as 400 times. A reporter from China Business Daily found that Haikou’s toy market surveys found that most of the “bath ducks” sold on the market were three-no products, and there were potential safety hazards. Exposure to Excessive Plasticizer of Rubber Duck Recently, Hong Kong media reported that the content of plasticizer in children's toys was serious. The Hong Kong Consumer Council tested 27 children's toys and products on the market and found that more than half of them did not meet safety standards. The plasticizer content exceeds the standard, and the plasticizer content of the yellow rubber duck toy exceeds the standard by 400 times, and the components are easy to fall off. If children bite in the mouth, they are prone to choking and choking risk. Long-term ingestion of plasticizers will even affect reproduction and Liver and kidney function. The 27 products tested by the Consumer Council of Hong Kong include bath toys, inflatable dolls and wooden puzzles. The prices range from HK$10 to HK$600 each. The test results show that 16 models contain different levels of plasticizers, of which 7 models have a plasticizer content that exceeds the European and American regulations that must be less than 0.1%. Among them, 3 models of shower toys, including two cheaper shower toys For yellow ducks, a shower pig, and another inflatable horse, the plasticizer content is particularly serious. The maximum plasticizer content ranges from 28.6% to 37.9%, which is equivalent to 286 times and 379 times the upper limit of the US and EU standards. Times. The mechanical and physical safety tests conducted by the Consumer Council of Hong Kong found that 9 types of components were detached or broken, which could easily stab infants and children and pose a risk of choking and suffocation. Investigate Haikou’s 'yellow duck' toys are mostly three-no products. Are yellow rubber duck toys sold in the Haikou market? Yesterday afternoon, the reporter conducted an investigation on the sale of such toys in Haikou. In a toy store on Bo'ai South Road, Haikou, some plastic toys were hung in a conspicuous position at the door, including yellow plastic ducks. The reporter found that these toys were only packed in a net bag, without any outer packaging, and no outer label. There are two types of 'shower duckAccording to the owner of the store, this kind of 'shower duck' is used for children to play in normal or bathing time, and the duck will make a funny sound when it is pressed gently. Regarding the safety of these toys, the store owner said: 'Toys have been sold for a long time, and there has never been anything wrong. How can they be unsafe?' In another larger toy store, 'Bath Duck' is also a three-no product. The clerk explained that “maybe the certificate was lost in transit”. Later, in a large supermarket in Haikou International Trade, the reporter also found this type of duck toy, which was packed in a net bag with a product certificate. The model specification, product name, implementation standard, main materials and compulsory product (CCCS) certification mark are printed on the certificate. In addition, the column of warning items indicates 'not applicable to children 3 years old and younger.' Many Haikou citizens said in an interview with reporters that they had played 'shower duck' or similar toys for their children. 'My baby likes this kind of toy very much. He is very happy every time he takes a bath, but I heard that many of them are not safe, so I never played with him again.' Citizen Ms. Chen hopes that the relevant departments can check the children's bath toys sold in the market. Carry out tests and announce the test results to the public. Remind children under 3 years of age to purchase toys carefully. Even 'shower ducks' are now a poisonous family. So, for parents, how to choose toys for their children to be safe? Industry insiders remind consumers that consumers should first buy toys that are suitable for children Toys in the age range, especially for children under 3 years of age, should be especially cautious when choosing toys. In addition, you should also check the packaging for the manufacturer or seller's name, address, implementation standards, etc.; do not buy toys with small parts that may be swallowed or inhaled, and those with sharp or rough edges; purchase The toys are equipped with plastic packaging bags or packaging. They should be put away or discarded immediately after unpacking. Do not let children play to avoid suffocation.
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