The 'zoo' on the pedestrian zebra crossing and the traffic lanes-the stuffed toy vendor

by:Ennas      2021-11-24

In recent days, after nine o'clock in the evening, at individual intersections along Weijin Road and Weijin South Road, people set up stalls on the street. These vendors put a lot of plush toys directly on the pedestrian zebra crossing and carriageway, like a 'zoo   Yesterday at 21:50, the reporter came to the Shuangfeng road junction on Weijin Road and saw that under the traffic lights at the southwest corner of the junction, a row of steel wire beds were placed along the sidewalk. There were hundreds of plush toys on the steel wire beds. There were three or four vans parked on the sidewalk. Several men and women were hawking to passersby. From time to time, they removed the toys from the cars, which were covered with plastic bags and were almost one-person tall, and placed them on the driveway. Because the non-motorized lanes are filled with toys, many cyclists have to pass by the non-motorized lanes. Later, the reporter saw a similar situation at the North Road junction of the Water Park on Weijin South Road. Interviewed citizens said that such behavior violated the 'Tianjin City Management Regulations' and caused inconvenience and hidden dangers to vehicles and pedestrians traveling at night. They hoped that the comprehensive law enforcement, traffic management and other departments of urban management in the jurisdiction can jointly manage and take effective measures. To manage such violations.
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