The year of the tiger to see JingWei tiger show nearly drawing work tiger tiger gave birth to wind

by:Ennas      2020-06-16
Core clew: report from our correspondent reporter Xu Bin photojournalism: traditional Chinese year of the tiger is coming, and a make you a power wind 'JingWei painting tiger exhibition' will be on January 10th gallery in nanchang, and by the provinces and cities report from our correspondent reporter Xu Bin photojournalism: traditional Chinese year of the tiger is coming, and a make you a power wind 'JingWei painting tiger exhibition' will be on January 10th in national art museum of nanchang, sponsored by the province artist association, provincial academies 'JingWei painting tiger exhibition brings together the painter Mr HuaJingWei creation work nearly a century, a lot of paintings are hidden from the hands of the high-quality goods of the secret is not looking at ordinary times. After you visit will be artist works that sublime mountain tiger pose to shock, with sketch line by painters inadvertently captured tiger state to infection. Art to bring the feelings of each different, but HuaJingWei painting tiger exhibition will bring you must be a power wind artistically. HuaJingWei was born in 1937 in wuxi, jiangsu province, zhejiang academy of fine arts in figurines are assigned to nanchang art design company after graduation, who participated in the provinces and cities more than some memorial hall and the creation of the outdoor large figurine, in the late 1970 s, the President of nanchang city artists association, vice chairman and secretary general. Painter HuaJingWei into weeks after graduation light ding animal figurines studio to study, for the painter draw a tiger in the future laid a solid foundation modelling. HuaJingWei painting tiger pays attention to the object itself includes the form and body piece of point, line and plane, dig it inner skeleton, the rhythm of the structure itself, so he painted crouching can touch to the charm of the spine, draw the tabby only inner exposed punctuation of skeletal muscle. One-up is his painting of the human body, this characteristic is obvious, visible painter to form the structure of the dental laboratories. HuaJingWei painting tigers rarely fierce beasts, have a plenty of tiger trainer is soft, his painting the deep mother love is feeling kind of tender feeling, 'every festive holiday times' lonely and melancholy daydream making a person imagination, 'looking back the grit, the vivid and powerful. Fine goods HuaJingWei painting tigers can feel his ink writing the strength inside collect, draw the outline of rendering, smooth lines and not astringent, modelling is accurate and has a bone. The idea of unique, artistic conception far-reaching, pen and ink and vivid, see is indifferent to, is actually a painter caused by years of artistic accomplishment. Throughout the painter, deeply their traditional paintings in deep enlightenment, more express the artist's inner world, the Chinese xieyi painting of the walk through painting, express in the heart of gas state on rice paper. An old friend artist QiBoLin JingWei paintings are praise on China, 'Mr Painting tiger originality alone affability, outstanding. Bold use sketch line, from pen caocao vividly capture tiger moment between the dynamic and change, have the initiative in really not easy also. Mr Also have the ancient gentleman's demeanor. 'At present, has been to avoid impetuous flower-bed HuaJingWei attention by industry insiders, the solid education background, combined with their self-cultivation created paintings have been collecting Tibetan play, the' JingWei painting tiger exhibition 'citizens can catch a glimpse of the painter painted a tiger. According to the personage inside course of study introduces, the painter HuaJingWei paintings currently has strong potential.
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