The world's most popular derivative! How did the minions become a big brand?

by:Ennas      2021-12-29
Core Tip: You will find that all corners of your life are occupied by the minions. It has become one of the most popular derivatives.    Universal Pictures has launched a large-scale promotion in history. Compared with the continuously rising box office, what is more important is that the image of the minion has become ubiquitous. Bello, your favorite Minion is finally here!    Yes, we did not misspell any English words. Bello is a language created by Minion World. No one understands the words that pop out of their mouths, but the magic is , The whole world can probably imagine what they want to express, or emotions can be infected by this group of strange creatures.     The big movie 'Minions with Big Eyes' (Minions)** with Minions as the protagonist is finally scheduled to be released in China on September 13. It has been released in North America first, and as of July 27, the global box office has exceeded 760 million U.S. dollars. This movie will soon become the third highest-grossing animated film in history after 'Frozen' ($1.27 billion) and 'Toy Story 3' ($1 billion).   Although this movie has an IMDB score of 6.8, a metacritic score of 56, and a freshness of Rotten Tomatoes of 54%, and its reputation is not as good as the previous two films, the audience has already expressed their attitude-it doesn't matter, we just came to see the minions.   In addition to the movie, you will find that all corners of your life are occupied by the minions. It has become one of the most popular derivatives. In the first 'Despicable Me' released in 2010, these robots made of genetically mutated DNA, fatty acids and two and a half cups of banana mash were originally only supporting roles, but Universal Pictures found that they have cute appearances. Looking through countless audiences, even more popular than the protagonist, so the second part of the production quickly adjusted the strategy, 'Despicable Me 2' released in 2013 increased the role of the minions.   For me as a producer, the most important thing is to create a character who can connect with the audience. When the audience leaves the theater, this relationship can continue to be maintained. Chris Meledandri, the founder of Lighting Entertainment, told 'CBN Weekly'.   Xiaohuangren successfully did this. 'Despicable Me 2' has an investment of 76 million U.S. dollars, and Universal Pictures spent 75 million U.S. dollars to arrange for it to appear on various occasions, implant in people's lives, sell cute without a bottom line, and let it go shopping with everyone People are familiar with each other. To a certain extent, the little yellow person is stupid, always twittering, easily satisfied, and helpful. The simple but happy life is what many people yearn for.   Soon, this huge marketing expense was partially recovered in Universal Pictures' Paradise. In 2013, Universal Pictures’ franchise and souvenir sales revenue was only $1.75 billion, less than 5% of Disney’s. With the success of the 'Despicable Me' series of movies, Universal Studios has been filled with small yellow people all the year round, and the 'Despicable Me' theme amusement project has been set up. More crowds, children will enter Universal Studios in order to take photos with the minions.   Although Universal Pictures did not announce the Minion’s franchise and souvenir sales revenue, Minion’s success made it aware of the importance of developing family and children’s businesses.   Five years after the birth of the Minion, Universal Pictures launched the largest promotion in history. Before the movie was released, people felt that Jane could see it everywhere.  ** The first to be infected was the social network. Universal Pictures took the initiative to release on Facebook and Twitter a set of images of the famous works of Mindrian copycat artists Mondrian, Edward Munch and others, triggering a topical interaction among fans.   Soon, Amazon of the United States began to send packages with the outer packaging of the little yellow man. This is the first time this company has cooperated with a movie—coincidentally, Amazon's own image is also a little yellow man. Tic Tac Candy has launched a limited edition of Banana-flavored Minions. It is said that each candy has a different expression. Chiquita, the world's largest banana company, replaced all the stickers on bananas with limited editions of Minions, and the advertisements also invited Minions to shoot. There is also a new color in the world called Little Yellow Yellow. This is not only the first new color released by Pantone, the **** color agency, in three years—it’s previous cooperation with the release of Tiffany Blue, or It released a new color for movie characters for the first time and set it as the main color this summer. Its color saturation makes people feel happy inside, and it is a positive energy color that represents hope and happiness.   In addition to cooperating with countless brands, Minions also appeared in sports events and variety shows. After the first trailer was released at the end of last year, the Minions appeared in the Super Bowl. After that, the Minions went to the NBA again and released an exclusive clip in the final episode of The Voice.     decode the road map of the Minions to conquer the world
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