The world's most interesting 10 street figurines, let a person gasp in admiration, China placed a! _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-07
Core tip: for small sculptures in the city, everyone is seen more or less, and interesting little sculpture not only make local residents feel happy, also to visitors left a very deep impression. For the city's small sculptures, everyone is seen more or less, and interesting little sculpture not only make local residents feel happy, back to visitors left a very deep impression. The giant climbed out of the Budapest square 'in Budapest, Hungary square. The huge small sculpture far really look like a giant climb from the ground up, if it is to come here for the first time visitors, big night saw the statue might be startled. So, what do you see? People's yearning for freedom, free state of mind, or to express the 'this is a nation full of curiosity? This hippo small sculpture is located in the Chinese Taipei, peripheral is paved with floor tile, highlight a few hippos suddenly, as if it is a river around, very vivid and interesting! This probably painted in the joy of people's living! The Swiss 'help' in European countries. Out from underground with one hand hold the tree, a sign for people to protect the nature. The iron shoes also in Budapest, Hungary. Is to commemorate the holocaust and his works, created the oppressed jews, before he was forced to take off the shoes and dived into the river, the whole scene give a person a kind of inarticulate depressive feeling. The sinking construction located in Melbourne Australia. Place in a local library, the small sculpture thought-provoking, sinking construction or people's thirst for knowledge? 'Passenger' in Warsaw, Poland. These famous street small sculpture commemorates the polish of martial law in 1981, depict the workers to split. The working man in bratislava in Slovakia. The street small sculptures look very interesting, the whole people, out of the well with a smile on the ground, his head had stolen twice. 'M', love Ming in library, is located in Romania. Its creation is to commemorate the famous poet in Romania — Love Ming in library. 'The people hanging out' in the Czech republic in Prague. A suspended in the air, one hand to hold onto a long bar of man, in fact, his prototype is local famous psychoanalysts - — Freud. 'Traveler' in marseille, France. What is your mind's eye, a hollowed-out travelers a state of mind? Is to travel in the play, or because they are missing? Think back on the road full of soul? Empty depressive life is more like the true portraiture of the office worker!
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