The world’s largest game publisher Tencent invests in game companies at a glance: Fist 100% Epic 40% Blue Hole 11.5%

by:Ennas      2022-01-21
In China, Tencent is both an Internet giant and an entertainment industry giant. In foreign countries, Tencent’s status is equivalent to that of Facebook and Google in the United States. At present, Tencent, which has become the largest game publisher in the world, as a national and even global giant Tencent’s investment in more and more game developers and publishers has also attracted the attention of players. Recently, the foreign media PCGamer summarized Tencent. The representative game companies invested in and the shareholding ratio...* However, since Tencent has invested more than 300 items, it may be difficult to accurately list each company in which Tencent holds shares, so here PCGamer lists Tencent’s most representative Several game companies that have invested in sex. 1. Riot Games’ 100% shareholding masterpiece 'League of Legends' In 2011, Tencent acquired 93% of Riot Games’ shares at a price of US$400 million. Four years later, in 2015, Tencent acquired the remaining 7% and became a leader. 100% holding company. 2. Epic Games’ 40% shareholding masterpiece 'Fortress Night' Unreal Engine Tencent invested US$330 million in Epic Games in June 2012, triggering one of the most significant changes in PC games in the past decade, creating free The new era of games as a service. With Tencent's investment, Epic cancelled the monthly subscription of the Unreal 4 engine and became free to use, while Epic received a large amount of sales royalties. 3. Blue Hole Company 11.5% Shareholding The masterpiece 'PUBG Mobile: Battle Royale' Tencent's investment in Blue Hole began in 2017, when Tencent first acquired 1.5% of Blue Hole's shares. But then Tencent increased its holdings by about 10%. However, it is rumored that Tencent is seeking an opportunity to fully acquire the blue hole. 4. Ubisoft’s 5% shareholding masterpiece 'Assassin's Creed' series 'Watch Dogs' series In 2019, Tencent is one of several investors that helped Ubisoft get rid of the hostile takeover by Vivendi. However, as part of the agreement, Tencent is just a low-key partner, unable to increase voting rights or ownership of Ubisoft, which also prevents Tencent from making a hostile takeover of Ubisoft. The acquisition of Ubisoft's stock also indicates a strategic partnership-Tencent will release Ubisoft games in China. 5. Activision Blizzard holds 5% of the shares. The masterpiece 'World of Warcraft' and 'Call of Duty' series were several years before Ubisoft. Tencent helped another company get rid of Vivendi: Activision Blizzard. In 2012, Tencent seized the opportunity to acquire a 5% stake in Activision Blizzard at an undisclosed price. 6. 80% of Grinding Gear Games’ masterpiece 'Road of Exile' In 2018, Tencent acquired a majority stake in Grinding Gear Games, the New Zealand developer of 'Road of Exile'. This acquisition shocked the players of 'Road of ExileHowever, like many of Tencent's acquisitions, Grinding Gear Games is said to have maintained its independence in the operation of 'Road of Exile.' Other notable acquisitions: Supercell's 84.3% shareholding masterpiece 'Clash of Clans' Platinum Studio's shareholding ratio is unknown. Masterpiece 'Bayonetta' series 'Fantastic 101' and 'Neil: Automata' Yager's shareholding ratio is unknown Masterpiece 'Dreadnoughts' 》 Frontier Developments 9% holding representative work 'Roller Coaster Star' Kakao 13.5% holding representative work 'Black Desert' Paradox Interactive (P agency) 5% holding representative work 'Europa Universalis' series 'Steel Ambition' series Fatshark 36% holding representative work 'Warhammer: Plague of the End 2' Funcom 29% holding representative work 'Conan Exile' Sharkmob 100% holdings of a new studio established by former developers such as 'The Division' and 'KillerThe game has not yet been announced. Source: 3DMGame
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