The world's first smart parent-child product-Lexiaobao Story Light Machine

by:Ennas      2021-12-18

[TechWeb Report] LeEco, which is calling for trouble in the smart TV field, seems to have made no secret of its ambition to enter other fields recently. Before the announcement of the shocking smart car and smart phone plan, LeTV quietly launched the world's first smart parent-child product-Lexiaobao Story Light Machine. Although in terms of configuration and usage, Le Xiaobao is undoubtedly full of a strong sense of technology, but in LeEco's view, Le Xiaobao is just a toy dedicated to improving parent-child relationship and enhancing parent-child social interaction. Speaking of toys, as a new dad born in the 1980s, the author does not consciously want to make complaints about the current toy market. Although the level of science and technology is becoming more advanced and the toy market has never lacked consumption power, whether it is in the design and manufacture of toys or in the technological content of toys, we seem to have not seen the same leapfrogging as the PC industry or the smartphone industry. development of. At present, most of the toys that children can touch are mainly models and dolls. And the few toy products that are based on the development of intelligence, except for traditional building blocks or assembling, there is nothing to make people's eyes brighter. As for the introduction of acousto-optic, more just add some configurations such as toy car lights, or simple built-in audio sources. Moreover, most of the above toys are expensive, but it is difficult for children to keep their attention for a long time. Generally, after playing for a few times, they are put on the shelf for a long time, causing unnecessary waste. Toys are the most direct channel for children to contact the world at first, and parents are their most direct playmates. How to allow children to consolidate family affection and entertain and teach while enjoying the fun of toys? How to keep children's continuous attention to the same toy, because they really want to continue playing with a toy? This is a problem that the toy industry has never solved, but it was easily solved by an inadvertent design by LeEco. In LeTV’s words, LeXiaobao Story Light Machine is not only a toy, but also a parent-child ecosystem based on Internet content. Based on LeTV’s ecology, it uses parent-child content as the glue between parent-child relationships and transforms content into social networking for the first time. The platform is of great significance.
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