The world of Lego toys is at ease: Let's go on a polar adventure with your kids!

by:Ennas      2022-02-02
The Lego City series has always been a series that children like very much. This series is aimed at children aged 6-12. No matter where in the world, the city group can be loved by children because it allows children to gain happiness in the process of assembling the building blocks and also feel the joy of exploring the real world. The 60193 Polar Air Transporter launched by Lego Toys this time allows parents to take children away from the city full of buildings and into an unprecedented open field, that is, the mysterious polar world. The polar world, covered by thousands of miles of ice and snow, is a plain white. Regarding this, for many adults, it is only half-knowledge, let alone children, and it is full of mystery. Call the pilot, the Lego villain made a major discovery using the polar air transport aircraft built by 60193! There is a frozen grave of a prehistoric creature in the distance, the saber-toothed tiger's! Need to bring it back for research! Climb up to the edge of the ice crack to help guide the helicopter into hover mode so that the pilot can drop the hook. Grasp the hook and hook it to the ice cube, then give a signal with a thumbs up, turn the knob to lower the hook to the ice cube, and the frozen saber-tooth tiger can be dragged away. Of course, if you have a major discovery, you must hurry back to the base for research, but the walk is too slow. Return to the base quickly on the ATV, and analyze this precious discovery at the fastest speed. Why are the polar regions full of ice and snow? How are glaciers formed? How to climb on the glacier? What kind of magical creature is the saber-toothed tiger? What equipment is needed for the polar expedition? What stories will there be? The building blocks of this Lego Polar series will surely evoke countless question marks from children. With building blocks next to it, parents will not be boring when they introduce knowledge, and children can feel the charm of knowledge more intuitively. In the process of building the polar air transport aircraft by themselves, the child can see the heavy quadcopter equipped with 4 rotatable rotors and skid-type landing gear to help the aircraft enter the hovering mode. Not only understand the principle of the hover mode, but also understand the state of the hover mode. In addition to a large-scale polar air transport aircraft, this set of 60193 blocks also has an ATV all-terrain vehicle, a rock climbing expert, an Arctic pilot, and a total of 2 figures, and a saber-toothed tiger that can be smashed in front. The tools consisted of two mattocks and a saw, and the conveyor was also equipped with hinges. The time to build such a set of building blocks is just right, neither too fast nor too long, which exercises the child's concentration. After the child has assembled the building blocks, the parent will explain it, which broadens the child's horizons at once. When the prehistoric behemoths appeared, parents can let their children give solutions, how can they bring precious information back to the polar regions, and exercise their children's ability to think and solve problems. Or, your child will tell you a completely different story. The interactive and harmonious parent-child time not only brings knowledge to the child, but also enhances the relationship between the parent and child. Lego City Group is a hot-selling product line of Lego Toys, which brings children a rich real-world experience and heroic dreams. The new theme of the Polar series brings new special tools, as well as mysterious prehistoric creatures, which can very well stimulate children's curiosity and adventurous spirit. Let's go on a polar expedition with your child on a polar air transport plane!
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