The western zhou dynasty bronze ware and its recognition _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-10
Core clew: 1, the early western zhou dynasty bronze ware early western zhou dynasty refers to wu, into, kang, zhao four Kings time of about sixty years, this period bronze ware mostly the conventionality of the late shang dynasty style, at the same time in the class and modelling set 1, the early western zhou dynasty bronze ware early western zhou dynasty refers to wu, into, kang, zhao four Kings about sixty years of time, this period bronze ware the conventionality of the late shang dynasty style, mostly on class and modelling design at the same time there are some new loss and gain and improvement, formed his own style in casting inscriptions. Modelling characteristics of this period, the modelling of round pot are column foot, but not thick as shang dynasty, some were sufficient root with embossment beast. This beast column foot tripod in at the earliest, the early western zhou dynasty its shape more mature, especially large pot, such as big jar ding is its representative. In the early period after, began to flare hanging round body lower abdomen. This change is an era of style, in the same period of honour, vessels, GUI jie many classes, is influenced by it. Square abdomen becomes shallow, ears just a tiny, column foot is fine, have no the late shang dynasty the dignified feeling. In addition, recently emerged in the early ding. Does ding right now are more popular, but becomes shallow and does bag become a mere formality. By the shape of neck style is given priority to with stand ear. The change of the GUI jie is bigger, the rise in the Numbers, it's a style conscious market. Statue of this period popular tubular, a three-stage vase with shape, belly ring foot proportion and its diameter slightly larger than abdominal diameter, circle the first step is often wide edge article. Jue early are oval abdomen, narrow and long, flow front is higher than the back-end, and column left flow fold. After this period, jue Pan from flat to roundy ping. Flat shallow abdominal jue has disappeared. Front vessels vessels early is given priority to with round shape, short neck, round drum abdomen, after a period of vessels slender neck, abdomen smaller and prolapse, a tiny ring foot. 2, mid western zhou dynasty bronze ware mid western zhou dynasty refers to jose, purge, taken, filial piety, the five Kings of hundred years. The development of the western zhou dynasty bronze ware during the past hundred years, by this time reached a new stage of maturity. Early with shells and cultural characteristics of artistic style, gradually replaced by a new kind of art. From the bronze modelling design, to the grain composition, all have changed dramatically. Mid western zhou dynasty bronze ware in the form of the combination of grave goods are: senior ritual vessels combination of nobility, tripod, GUI jie group, mostly have a wash with water, some bells, there aren't many wine. Low-level nobility still predominantly ding, GUI jie feeder combination, little wine. Modelling characteristics of the western zhou dynasty wine of rapid decline, jue, vase with, vessels, honour, Fang Yi, Bu gradually disappear. But has the realistic style of birds and animals and the meteoric rise of the birds and beasts image shows the animal nature, lively style, completely changed the shells magic grotesque style. Feeder, flat feet tripod and points the tripod, does by species increased, the popular high ears by oblique collar and oblique brought no ear by li, at the same time also has a flat along the earless by along has ears by peace. GUI jie have ears GUI jie, Yan mouth GUI jie, GUI jie fang GUI jie, dishes form as many types. Middle bronze body, the general trend is to develop wide, lower abdomen to flare. The front round pot body cross wide, shallow and abdominal nearly flat bottom, foot shorter, ding abdominal section assumes the trapezoid. 3, in late western zhou dynasty bronze ware is liwang's domination, of late western zhou dynasty to the republican, XuanWang, you king nearly hundred years, this period bronze type and type, shape and decorative pattern is simple and practical, and tend to be more standard, stylized, middle class and the same, the ritual Musical Instruments are mainly tripod, GUI jie, by li, pot, plate, spoon, beans, clock, etc. Modelling characteristics pot, by li, the modelling of GUI jie is almost the same. Typical patterns of the tripod with two handles are half spherical body, straight mouth ear, a horseshoe, the most representative have time ding. GUI jie usually have cover, Yan drum abdomen, cover and was parallel to the ventral groove rib, circle the first step has three beast flat feet. This period disappear round pot, square pot of elliptic dominate, long neck areca, some change the penetration ears to animal heads bit ear ring.
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