The western zhou bronze inscriptions characteristics of _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-10
Core tip: shang dynasty bronze inscription on words rarely commonly, some family crest, engraved some time for the name of the device, some names carved by ancestor worship the temple first. Later to the western zhou dynasty, long inscriptions, the shang dynasty bronze inscription on generally rarely, some with family crest, some time for the name of the device, some names carved by ancestor worship the temple first. Later to the western zhou dynasty, more long inscriptions, some hundreds of words, some points carved on the counter, even for an inscription. Bronzes have clear utilitarian purpose, early of bronze inscriptions of the content is mostly described as noble royal cult involved in weeks, play and other activities, by various reward, bronze for gribouille, and sacrifice to ancestors, sport later generations. With most of these inscriptions of bronze casting modelling austere massiness, decorative beauty, yan slash inscriptions font is end, there is a temple, fully embodies the formal properties of sacrificial vessel. In the bronze inscriptions and some belong to the nature of the book about agent. Western zhou dynasty and some bronze inscriptions is simple, the researchers think it reflects the bronze towards commercialization phenomenon. Is such in bronze inscriptions for device name is on it. So, implements the design, production and artistic quality is difficult to guarantee. Bronze inscriptions relating to the unusually rich political, military, economic and cultural content, multiple disciplines of study provides extremely precious firsthand information. For bronze art's own research, first of all, it provide the basis for cohort study of bronzes. Bronzes dating is the study of ancient bronze art development prerequisites. Its basic method to find out from a large number of bronze works from the inscriptions can identify the specific production s standard. Objects involved in the lives and deeds as clues, and achievements, genre, style of calligraphy, modelling style, the decorative category. With standard as a reference, the relevant artifacts throughout, queuing, can find bronze the order of the development, change and its inherent law. And, by ancient bronze objects to reveal the social and cultural connotation, from as the research on the relationship between content and form, and grasp the internal cause of the change of the aesthetic tendency provides precise basis. From shang dynasty to the western zhou dynasty bronze art style in the process of transformation, the original is the sacred aura gradually dim, from content to form in the direction of the human world, secular transformation, though some lost, but from the cultural sense, after all, is an important progress. Bronze inscriptions and oracle in Chinese as the first representative of the Chinese calligraphy art. Ancient bronze objects called jinwen, later generations 'inscriptions on ancient bronze objects,' xi said is with respect to its carrier. After writing, carved, poured, cast a few style process forms of inscriptions, stroke mau park vigorous, 'the connotation of the physique, yao', it is the ancient calligraphers's pursuit of 'women of shares', 'water stains on the wall' retention powerful brush effect.
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