The ''Waste' project to donate old toys to impoverished children

by:Ennas      2021-12-08

'Old toys are piled up in a big house, and new toys are still being bought.' In the children's toy section of a shopping mall in Beijing, when her excited son was choosing new toys, Mama Yu felt mixed, 'A few dozen yuan cheaper There are hundreds of thousands of them. It’s good if the little guy can play for a month.” This reporter’s investigation found that children’s toys are expensive, quick to update, and the recycling price is very low. There is no way to connect donations. Many parents are deeply troubled by their old toys. The waste is amazing. It’s a pity that Mama Yu once asked the recycling staff in the community, “The recycling price is too low. 'It's not embarrassing to give someone away.' Ms. Wu from Hubei said that the economic conditions of her friends are generally better, and she can only take a few pieces away when the children from rural relatives come to play at home. 'Daughter's toys are not broken, children from the countryside have never seen them before, but they like them!' The reporter found that on the one hand there is a huge waste of old toys in cities, on the other hand, the rural areas are facing a shortage of toy resources. A survey by the China Toys and Baby Products Association shows that with the development of cities, the purchase ratio of mid-to-high-end toys has increased significantly; from 2011 to 2012, nearly 10% of target consumers in first-tier cities have an average annual toy expenditure of more than 2,000 yuan. In addition to the rural market, some organizations that serve children with autism and intellectual disabilities are also short of toys. Teacher Dong, who specializes in 'Children's Play Therapy'Mother Wu, whose daughter has already gone to college, is very trendy, and she uses WeChat and Weibo very skillfully. 'I washed my daughter's old toys and mailed them to the past, but there was no reply. I don't know whether they are reliable or not.' 'Cawaiilulu' posted on Baidu 'Donate Old Clothes'Are there any charity organizations that donate old plush toys in Beijing?' Yang Yan, a junior at Nanjing Normal University, one of the initiators of the 'Waste' project dedicated to the recycling of old objects, told reporters: 'Search for information on the Internet Not necessarily true or credible.” Security hazards and economic costs are also one of the reasons why it is difficult to form large-scale donations. 'Some old children's toys have the problem of excessive chemical elements, and small problems such as sharp corners and right angles may also cause safety hazards. Disinfecting them and inspecting them one by one requires a lot of manpower and money, and they can even buy some new ones.' Said Hu Youyou, secretary general of the Jiangsu Children's Welfare Foundation. Love is passing, and the old objects mobilize deformed toys, remote-controlled cars, plush dolls... the children are vying to put the toys in their storage bags. The first grade (3) of the Maqun Branch of Nanjing No. 1 Middle School has donated old toys to poor children through the 'Waste' project. 'These toys have been forgotten for a long time. I am very happy to be able to take them out and share them with other children,' said Bi Xinyu, a student donating. The children and teachers who received donations in Sichuan and Anhui recently sent feedback messages. In the photo, 38 left-behind children and poor students in a poor village in Yuexi County were holding toys and books, expressing joy. Xu Qian, head of the volunteer station at the north gate of Tianhe Park, Guangdong, believes that non-governmental charitable organizations have demand for information, and volunteer organizations have a strong ability to raise supplies. If the two can cooperate, the situation may be quite different. In Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, 16 volunteer inns will set up recycling points. Among them, the recycling of used toys mainly relies on the 21 street family comprehensive service centers in Tianhe District to clean and disinfect the toys that can still be used to meet social welfare first. Institutions and poor families that cannot be used will also be recycled. The activity has only been carried out for two weeks, and old toys and other materials have filled the post.
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