The use of resin process on the crystal crafts

by:Ennas      2021-10-14
In the fairy tale, slipper help Cinderella won the favour of the prince; In reality, crystal. The ordinary stones into a jewel of great price. In recent years, has always been in all kinds of tourmaline, such as aquamarine dazzling gem in the gem a humble perfection - Crystal, now has also begun to rise steadily. Crystal collection popular at home and abroad crystal with pearls, agate, jade, known as China & other Traditional treasures & throughout; , in ancient times, known as crystal & other; Water jade & throughout; , known as the purest thing in the world. In addition, through the ages, people also gives many beautiful fairy tale crystal, crystal handicraft has been loved by everyone. As early as 900 years ago in our country have a penetrating description of cholesterol crystal water. In 'shen kua MengXi stature is recorded by way: & other; Gentry Song Shu home has a bead, as big as a chicken egg, slightly sweet, jade-like stone like water. Handheld, video on the view, is at the end of the bottom a little green, the color dodge, if return, often in the cui, I do not know what, dicui means. ” Written records of crystal in China can be traced back to the warring states period of the seas 'nanshan sutra: & other; Danehill out, southeast lingers in waterinfo, of which more than water. 。 。 。 Water is the crystal jade. From the unearthed relics recourse, crystal known to mankind has a history of 50 Yu Wannian. 1980 years ago, most in the world scope, the crystal is not allowed to circulate on the market, because it has the characteristics of energy conversion and structure stability, now through the resin handicraft, can produce high crystal trophy, in imitation of a class and its manufacturing process more convenient, want trophies custom, can contact us, golden fortune creation crafts & ndash; — — — — Twenty years in arts and crafts manufacturers.
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