The upcoming 53rd session of the national arts and crafts fair

by:Ennas      2020-06-04
Sponsored by the China association of arts and crafts, arts and crafts association of shaanxi province and the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government at the national arts and crafts association of arts and crafts fair ( 53届全国工艺品交易会简称:NCTF) Due to solstice 23rd March 26, 2018 was held in xi 'an qujiang international exhibition center. The national arts and crafts fair ( Formerly known as the national tourist souvenirs & middot; Arts and crafts fair) Since the first 1974 has held the 52 in 29 cities across China. As the size of fame and influence, the increase year by year, in the arts and crafts industry has formed a wide range of influence, into arts and crafts industry recognized brand comprehensive fair. As the host of the fair, shaanxi pavilion in A pavilion organized more than 70 arts and crafts companies A total of more than 100 booths, concentrated at the exhibition in the form of special decoration, collection show with the ten categories of shaanxi characteristics crafts. All the arts and crafts, the shaanxi pavilion is the national and provincial intangible cultural heritage representative work, the work preserves the fine tradition of the Chinese nation culture, transmitting the prosperous time of week Qin Hantang culture, shows the continuous innovation and development of the contemporary culture and art. When many high-quality goods collective appearance, believe that will let the audience view. The fair exhibition hall area of 50000 square meters, more than 2300 international standard booths, from 28 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government of the country's 1300 companies. Among them, A pavilion for arts and crafts exhibition, Beijing yanjing two umbrellas, embroidery works of folk nine Jane and practical innovation to new face at the fair, at the same time our country more than 20 will gather in the region of ceramic products. B1— B4 pavilion for & other; The simulation plant flowers and related products throughout the &; Exhibition area, hundreds of fruits and vegetables, flowers, etc all appearance of new products. In addition, to further activate the development of the arts and crafts, during the exhibition, the organizer will also organized 2018 & other; Golden phoenix & throughout; Innovative product design grand prix Olympic sports center, xi 'an and xi 'an silk road international conference exhibition center project process planning seminar, & other; Outstanding handicrafts badge throughout the certification &; 2018 review will also launch the same period.
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