The transformation and upgrading of teaching toys allows traditional industries to take their wings

by:Ennas      2021-12-24

A few days ago, the author of 'Yangzhou Daily' found in the industrial report of Caodian Town Enterprise Management Station in Baoying, Jiangsu Province that there are more than 300 tax-registered enterprises in the town, among which nearly 200 are general taxpayer educational toy enterprises. The town teaches toys. Has formed agglomeration and industrialization development. In recent years, Caodian Town has vigorously promoted the strategy of “intelligent equipment, product standardization, and high-end market”. The production and sales scale of educational toy companies in the town has increased by more than 25% annually. The transformation and upgrading of the educational toy industry is vigorous.  Transformation and upgrading, let traditional industries put their wings on   On the third ring road of Caodian Town Industrial Park, the second phase of Jiangsu Yuhe Educational Toys Co., Ltd.-Automation Plastic Project is under construction. The project has an investment of 120 million yuan and a construction area of u200bu200b12,000 square meters. 'The project has received orders of more than 20 million yuan before it was put into production.' The person in charge of the project introduced. Walking into the company's injection molding workshop, only a dozen workers are working in the nearly 10,000 square meters production workshop, replaced by a smart robotic arm. Wang Jianbo, the town’s deputy mayor in charge of industry, said: “Intelligent equipment not only alleviates the difficulties in recruitment and management, but also greatly improves the production efficiency and product quality of the enterprise, and guarantees production safety.” As an important traditional pillar industry, The production process of teaching aid toy products is simple and easy to imitate, and problems such as homogeneity are becoming more and more serious. Coupled with the fierce competition for the market by other domestic teaching toy production areas represented by Yongjia County, Zhejiang, enterprises have gradually felt a crisis. 'We have invited technicians from domestic advanced intelligent equipment companies to Caodian several times to meet and negotiate with the head of the enterprise on the spot, introducing the necessity and urgency of transformation and upgrading.' Wang Jianbo said. At present, the town has the largest single injection molding equipment in Yangzhou City, and the total value of its supporting intelligent control equipment is 5 million yuan. In the past three years, nearly 20 companies including Baole, Yuhe, Golden Sunshine, Miqimiao, and Kangle have invested in technological transformation. In 2015 alone, they built more than 60,000 square meters of workshops, installed 136 sets of new equipment, and assembled them at the same time. More than 200 intelligent robotic arms. Formulating standards to effectively enhance market competitiveness. With the development of my country's economy, as an important basis for obtaining market access permits, standards have increasingly shown their decisive role in industry competition. However, the weak awareness of standards is for small and medium enterprises to teach toys. A common problem. In response to this 'problem“Enterprises didn’t take it at the beginning, but when educational toy companies in Zhejiang, Guangdong and other provinces were actively formulating product standards, the bosses of these companies suddenly felt that the wolf came.” In the first half of this year, the town government led more than 10 educational toy companies. Go to Beijing to discuss with the China Educational Toys Association, the National Standards Committee, the Ministry of Education and others about the standards of the educational toy industry. At present, the amusement equipment product demonstration system initiated by the Caodian Town Educational Toys Association has been launched in relevant national ministries and commissions, and has been recognized by the China Educational Toys Association and the Ministry of Education. Develop e-commerce and use 'Internet +' to promote product sales. In August last year, at the 6th Educational Toys Cultural Festival in Caodian Town, an enterprise-level instructor from Taobao University explained in detail the 'E-commerce Practice of Educational Toy Industry Marketing' And other knowledge, vigorously promote the 'Internet +' model. To this end, the town government invested 35 million yuan to build a creative service platform for educational toys to provide platform support for educational toys to carry out professional e-commerce marketing. In order to reduce the cost of enterprise e-commerce, it has also invested in a new educational toy logistics park, and has reached agreements with more than 10 logistics companies and 2 e-commerce companies. At present, there are more than 220 e-commerce companies in the town.   'The sales situation of our products on the Internet is very good.' At Miqimiao, the staff are busy processing orders from e-commerce platforms such as Tmall and JD.com. The relevant person in charge of the company told reporters that last year the company seized the favorable opportunity of the development of 'Internet +The market has virtually increased the pressure on enterprises to improve product quality. With the upgrading of intelligent equipment, the improvement of product quality, the seizure of high-end markets, and the expansion of the industrial chain, the advantages of the town’s educational toy industry have become increasingly prominent. In 2015, the town’s educational toy industry bucked the trend in a macroeconomic downturn. On the other hand, production and sales increased by 18% year-on-year.
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