The 'Toy Story' activity of 'Love·Dream·Enjoy' Charity One Square Landed in Yangshan

by:Ennas      2021-12-10

On July 13, the 'Toy Story' activity of 'Love·Dream·Enjoy' charity one square landed in Yangshan. Representatives of 'Tianhe Good People' gave 664 toys, books and handicrafts donated by Tianhe white-collar workers to Yangshan. Child in the mountains. The “Public Welfare One Square” opened in the Urban Construction Building promotes casual micro-public welfare, improves the growth environment of children from poor rural families, promotes the core values u200bu200bof socialism, and advocates the virtues of honesty, friendliness, and mutual help. The purpose of this event is to encourage white-collar workers in the cbd business district and Guangzhou citizens to donate books, educational toys or stationery and sports goods suitable for children to read, to send a piece of love to poor children in rural areas, to add color to the growth of poor children, and to convey 'love·dreams' ·Enjoy positive energy. The event started smoothly in Guangzhou Tianhe Urban Construction Building on June 20. As of June 27, the Urban Construction Building Public Welfare Square has received 352 copies of books and stationery suitable for children to read from white-collar workers in the cbd business district and Guangzhou citizens, 61 copies of educational toys, 251 copies of plush toys and handicrafts, and nutrition. A batch of food golden oatmeal. On July 13, Shang Binghui and Xu Zhanlong, representatives of 'Tianhe Good PeopleIn their hands, the shy mountain children smiled brightly with toys and stationery of various colors. In addition, 'Tianhe Good People' and caring volunteers also played games such as 'Eagle catches a chick' with the children. Looking at the happy smiling faces of the children, everyone said they would continue to do what they could for the children in the mountainous area. .
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