The toy industry innovation whirlwind hits, the distribution market breaks and accelerates

by:Ennas      2021-11-21

In recent years, baby boomers in China, such as baby rabbits and baby dragons, have gradually appeared. According to the 'China Toy Consumption Survey Report 2012' data, the average annual household expenditure on toys has increased year by year, with the proportion of 500-1000 yuan reaching 43% , An increase of 3% year-on-year in 2011, it is foreseeable that the toy market will inevitably witness a leap in growth in the future. Especially in just a few years after the 2008 global financial crisis, toy companies and brands have sprung up in the Chinese market, making offline toy wholesale markets and department stores across the country vying to expand, and online major trade and retail websites Toy channels have been operating independently, and toy distribution and channel markets have ushered in unprecedented prosperity. The homogeneity of toy products is a serious stumbling block in distribution profits. The toy market cake has expanded rapidly, attracting many toy manufacturers to test the water. However, there are many problems behind the boom, such as serious product homogeneity and price wars. The profit growth of toy dealers is facing great challenges. Most of the Chinese toy companies started from exporting, with a majority of OEM components and a general lack of innovation awareness. Coupled with the short period of 'external transfer to internalHowever, industry observers emphasized that China does not lack innovative talents and potential. To a large extent, it is caused by 'improper innovation mechanism, not many trade docking platforms, and asymmetry in product exchange information'. The homogeneity of products is serious. Restrict the profit growth of distributors and distributors. Innovative events set off another whirlwind. Distributors serve as judges to ensure business prospects. In order to promote the innovation and development of the toy industry, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and promote the healthy growth of the distribution market, the China Toys and Baby Products Association has held the Toy Star Contest for 12 consecutive years. At the same time, creative design competitions for toys and baby products have been held for 4 consecutive years. Judging from the number of participating products, both the 'Star Creation Competition' and the 'Creativity Competition' this year reached a record high. The 'Creativity Competition' in particular attracted 520 universities and design companies across the country, with a total of 5,566 participants. Toys The innovation trend in the industry has been set off again. It is worth mentioning that the important review links of the two competitions are to invite nationally renowned department store toy investment managers, e-commerce, brand toy agents, distributors, etc. to form an expert review panel. With their authoritative business perspective, Innovative considerations of creativity, appearance, function, craftsmanship, materials, etc., vote to recommend award-winning works and products to ensure their sales prospects in the distribution and terminal markets. It is reported that the award-winning products of the 'Creative Star Competition' will be displayed during the China Toy Fair at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from October 15th to 17th, and will accept dealer cooperation negotiations. China Toy Fair launches three 'new' services to create a 'new' platform for business docking. As the largest professional and international toy trading platform in China, the 12th China Toy Fair has an area of u200bu200bover 100,000 square meters and nearly 2,000 brands are displayed. With the rapid expansion of the exhibition's influence and scale, in order to provide buyers at home and abroad with more convenient and efficient procurement channels, China Toy Fair launched this year's 'new exhibitors, new brands, new products' docking service, to find suitable dealers Products and brands are escorted. It is understood that in this year's China Toy Fair, in addition to Lego, Meitai, Hasbro, Yinhui, Kelite, Yingde and other well-known brands at home and abroad, vying to launch new products, there are 40% of the new brands debut for the first time. It’s worth noting that this year's exhibition has a more obvious trend of combining toys and animation images. Only electronic products have emerged such as 'Rock KingdomIt uses the current popular toy 3.0 model design, allowing children to learn programming logic while playing, creating a new field of programming education for children. In addition, DIY toys also appear in the 'art kingdom' ultra-light clay and Calyo art sand painting. Wait for new content. At the same time, this year the association also launched the 'Brand Self-discipline China Tour' activity in China's toy and baby products industry, and established a China Toy and Baby Products Rights Protection and Anti-counterfeiting Collaboration Network, which made the exhibition more prominent on the theme of safety and environmental protection, and enriched new products in each category. , On-site buyers can quickly purchase suitable new products, and effectively enhance market competitiveness. ☆For information about the new products of China Toy Fair, please log on to the official website of China Toy Fair. ☆ Complete the pre-registration for visiting the China Toy Fair online immediately to grasp market opportunities in time.
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