The toy evaluation video has an annual revenue of 22 million US dollars. Are there other ways to play toys in the new era?

by:Ennas      2022-01-19
The eight-year-old boy made $22 million a year through the toy evaluation video. The most profitable thing for YouTube anchors this year is to unpack toys... American toy users are using social platforms to create a new way of selling toys. Compared with the domestic market environment, American toys have a relatively complete industrial chain and clearly headed brands. The resulting toy content marketing is also more worthy of attention. Therefore, after the appearance of some series of videos such as toy unpacking and evaluation , Has formed the unique explosion phenomenon of the toy industry. However, as the largest toy consumer area, there is no similar explosive content in China for the time being, but on major social platforms, we-media players who combine toys and video content have continuously emerged. So what are the similarities in making such toy content in China and the United States? Or is it possible for domestic players to learn from the experience of American players and combine their own advantages to empower new toy brands? Two-way drive of brand and content-MGA, Bubble Mart, when MGA launched the toy unboxing LOL Surprise! at the end of 2016, it was sold out within two weeks, and this toy that is popular all over the world is still active today. In the eyes of the children. The success of L.O.L. Surprise! is not only because it fits the curiosity mentality of contemporary young consumers, but also because it can quickly and accurately reach end consumers of toys based on social media communication. In terms of domestic brands, we can see similar product situations and marketing strategies in the Bubble Mart blind box series, and create a benign closed loop through the linkage between brand and content. Although there is no rich video owner, it still does not affect the implantation of its own brand influence in the minds of toy users. Original video content to create its own IP-Another form of Xiaoling Toys is to create IP through wonderful original content to drive the brand. Xiaoling Toys attracts children's attention with a series of video programs such as creative food play, manual DIY toys, unpacking evaluation, etc., and finally settles in its own toys, stationery brands and early education courses. Using big-brand toys and content as the entrance of traffic, when the user pool is large enough, they are being channeled to their own brands. This kind of routine is actually worth learning for players in the toy industry. For the new generation of toy brands, it is difficult to be recognized by the market under the condition of low capital investment, and the openness of Internet social platforms is fair to all players. It will seize the minds of users in a social way and ultimately promote At present, the effect of this alternative approach to consumption is very obvious. But taking Xiaoling toys as an example, the content of domestic toys still has room for improvement. The choice of video master. Although the channels for selling toys have changed, children of the age group playing with toys have not changed. The eight-year-old boy has become the most profitable YouTube anchor through the toy evaluation video. It has confirmed that the communication between children is the most contagious and persuasive. force. The Lingke family in Xiaoling toys are all appearing as adults, which leads to show-making elements in the content. Selection of content duration. The explosion of short videos has made people more inclined to accept fragmented content. Although it is almost impossible to reduce the content evaluation to short video standards, we can also see it on the long video platform mainly on station B and Weibo. The trend of video content is developing towards simplification. Generally speaking, 3 minutes to 5 minutes is the acceptable time range for users. For the content of toys that target children are children, how to attract their attention in the shortest time Focus. Brand toys have a low rate of appearance. Whether it is a child user or an adult user, the curiosity goals on social platforms tend to be more unique. Among the existing toy content, the two directions of DIY and branded toys are obviously favored by users. For brands owned by toy giants such as Bandai, Hasbro, and Mattel, it still requires high time and economic costs to buy genuine toys in China. Bringing goods on social platforms and video content is no longer a new way to play in the Internet era, but for the toy industry, there is still a lot of room for improvement in this way of playing. Whether it is a first-tier city or a sinking city, children’s points of interest are roughly the same, but how to attract children’s attention through just a few minutes of content is not an easy task.
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