The toy concept stocks in the concept of the second child are rising gratifyingly

by:Ennas      2021-11-26

Yesterday, the second-child concept stock once again welcomed heavy benefits. It is reported that the Standing Committee of the Shaanxi Provincial People’s Congress has recently made a resolution on adjusting and improving the childbirth policy, agreeing to start the implementation of the policy that couples with only one child can have two children. In accordance with the requirements of the 'Opinions on Adjusting and Improving Fertility Policies' issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council, it will be implemented immediately after filing with the competent department of the State Council. Affected by this, the toy concept stocks in the second-child concept were even more gratifying yesterday, and the five toy concept stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks all achieved bucking the market. Specifically, the 5 toy concept stocks are: Aofei Animation (8.16%), Huawei (8.01%), Qunxing Toys (5.46%), Xinghui Car Model (1.67%), Gaole (0.78) %). Among them, 2 leading stocks have attracted the attention of mainstream funds in the market, and the net inflow of large-scale funds has exceeded 5 million yuan. They are: Huawei shares (32,056,300 yuan) and Aofei Animation (6,983,700 yuan). It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the benefits of Shaanxi Province’s first two-child policy, Alibaba’s recently announced mobile game platform strategy has also greatly benefited related concept stocks. In this regard, analysts said that because toys, film and television animation, and mobile games all have similar audiences, in this era of great cultural development, most toy industry leaders choose animation and mobile games as their first choice for extensional expansion. , In order to increase the company’s influence and improve overall competitiveness. Among the current toy concept stocks, Aofei Animation, Huawei, Xinghui Car Model, Gaole Shares and other stocks all involve the concept of mobile games. Therefore, this time Alibaba announced that the mobile game platform strategy is also positive for related concept stocks. Specifically, the mobile game platform launched by Alibaba adopts a 2:8 channel sharing model (that is, channel companies are only divided into 20%), breaking the original industry's 9:1 (that is, channel companies are divided into 90%). Industry insiders said that this move greatly enhanced the industry's enthusiasm for cooperation and brought benefits to the overall development of the mobile game industry. From the perspective of performance, among the 4 companies that have disclosed their annual report performance forecasts in the industry, 3 companies have achieved pre-happy. They are: Aofei Animation (slightly increased by 50.00%), Gaole shares (slightly increased by 30.00%), Huawei shares (continued profit 20.00%).
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