The toy company was shut down! Warner laid off 800 employees, and DC Comics laid off one-third

by:Ennas      2022-01-21
Time Warner has always been a giant in the entertainment field. After being acquired by ATu0026T, their policy in the DC Cinema Universe has undergone a fundamental change. Originally, Warner could not cooperate with director Zach Snyder again, but now it is to promote HBO MAX. , They are willing to invest again in the edited version of 'Justice League'. And this time Warner ushered in a huge change. In the first half of the year, Dan DiDio, the editor-in-chief of DC Comics, was laid off. Many senior comic fans think this is an absolute good thing, because this screenwriter likes to interfere with the plots created by others and has determined the policy of restarting completely every once in a while. On the day Dan DiDio was fired, a rumor appeared on the Internet. Simply put, if DC Comics is not making enough money, ATu0026T may choose to disband or sell the entire DC Comics as a whole. Later, another publisher, Jim Lee, came forward and became the manager of DC Comics, and said that DC Comics will never be closed. They have been serialized for more than 80 years, and they plan to continue to serialize. According to foreign media reports, Warner Bros., the parent company of DC Comics, recently carried out large-scale layoffs, covering DC streaming media DC Universe, DC Comics editorial department, Time Warner and HBO MAX. Among them, the DC streaming media DC Universe has become the main layoff target. Even the 'Doom Patrol' operating team that created the high-scoring series is almost fragmented. In fact, according to the strategy developed by ATu0026T, those projects that are not profitable may be completely abandoned. , And DC streaming is likely to become a victim, and excellent episodes will be merged into HBO MAX. After all, streaming media services are indeed a money-burning industry, and some netizens broke the news that Warner’s performance in recent years is actually very ugly, so DC Universe’s sacrifice is to concentrate more resources and develop HBO MAX. What's more regrettable is that DC Direct/DC Collectibles was announced to be completely closed. This is a DC peripheral toy brand that has been in operation for 22 years. It seems that doing figures are not as profitable as we thought, otherwise they will not be completely closed. Will the DC figure go out of print? Probably not, because there are third-party authorized vendors. The DC Comics editorial department has also suffered a lot from this layoff. It is reported that the entire DC Comics company will be demolished one-third of the employees, including two vice presidents, a chief editor and several The main editor. This means that in addition to Superman, Batman, Justice League, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Aquaman, the publications of other third-line characters will be completely abandoned. In fact, DC cut the comic publications on sale last year. If it is cut again, the market share that DC comics occupies may be affected. In the layoffs of HBO MAX, ATu0026T still has no mercy. According to reports on the Internet, HBO MAX has been laid off at least one hundred and fifty people. Bob Greenblatt, who is in charge of the director-edited version of 'Justice League' and HBO MAX, has been announced last Saturday that he has been laid off, and another senior executive has been laid off at the same time. This is not Warner's first large-scale layoffs. In the last layoff in 2014, they laid off a thousand employees as a whole, and it is likely that the ATu0026T-led layoffs did not end. For the entire comics industry, the cold winter has not passed. The impact of the epidemic is far beyond our imagination. Although it is not as serious as the film industry, both Marvel and DC have cut off a lot of comics. DC has abandoned 5G as a whole. Event, and Marvel abandoned several branch plots of the big event 'Empire of Destiny'. The film industry is even more serious, so Warner's layoffs are not just to reduce costs. Source: Lonely Strong
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