The third Liu Kaiqu award international figurines exhibition unveiled on Saturday ( Figure)

by:Ennas      2021-09-18
Core clew: great river evening news, yesterday's three periods of wuhu figurines park site, send the picture of hot, all the work has been in place, is the last type of grinding, repairing, cleaning and other great river evening news reported, wuhu figurines of the third phase of the site park yesterday, is a scene of passion, all the work has been in place, is the last type of grinding, repairing, cleaning and other finishing touches; Park road ongoing bricks, lawn lay; On October 26, 2013 the third China international figurines, wuhu Liu Kaiqu prize exhibition will be held here. Three periods of figurines mountain park, located in the beautiful mountain scenic area in wuhu figurines the entrance to the park south about 700 meters, the park grass, bubbling streams, embodied the humanistic and ecological double charm. According to introducing, 'the third China international figurines, wuhu Liu Kaiqu prize exhibition ZhanChen 36, 506 artists from 43 countries and regions in 2118 for works, 70 works selected review, after review the 36 pieces exhibition of best solution scheme making amplification. 'Humanity, ecology' is the theme of the exhibition this year, in this context, artists through their own creations and works reflect the emotional attention to nature and ecological and whether the design level, work volume, or process, the past has greatly improved. Wuhu figurines park near the beginning of the design choice reflects close to the people, as far as possible choose reflect cultural history culture concept of wuhu figurine works into the garden. Wuhu figurines park opened for two years, nearly 3 million person-time of tourists! 'China figurine institute director, office of curators Tian Huafeng told reporters. 'From the period of 66, the second phase of 43 items, such as' the world granary ', 'river fish' wuhu region characteristic, life such as 'big playmate of small sculpture, particularly welcomed by people of the masses. In the third phase of exhibits choice, the spring breeze and green river south bank, the kawakaze reflect wuhu local characteristics, such as and 'time slice' reflect the industrial civilization, the auto industry civilization, is placed in a prominent position in the industrial park. In addition, the selection of materials, design of the three periods of works, such as the new attempt and innovation, perfectly show the charm of figurines this art form. Works such as: 'China dream' using the 'brick' the civilian and the grassroots of the new material, works 'metamorphosis' is a magnified, deformation of chewing gum, and the 'time slice' will be a used car after chopped into stone. 'Tian Huafeng said small statue park, the third phase of a total of 36 pieces of all kinds of small sculpture permanent display, is take the line of products, striving to more people, more humane, more elegant small sculpture display, further enhance the cultural taste of the wuhu small sculpture park. ( Reporter Wu Anya) Author: Wu Anya
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