The third chapter & have spent       Stone carving techniques ( A) _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-10
Core tip: round the round, also known as the three-dimensional carving, is in the carvings on the overall performance of art, the viewer can see objects from different angles of each side. It requires that the carver once upon a time, back, left, right, and round the round, also known as the three-dimensional carving, is in the carvings on the overall performance of art, the viewer can see objects from different angles of each side. It requires the carver once upon a time, after, left, right, up, middle and down comprehensive sculpt. It is the most basic stone carving techniques. Round general orientation before the 'eagle', and at the same time require special attention to the work of every Angle and azimuth of unity and harmony, and only in this way, the round works to stand up to the viewer a full range of 'perspective'. Due to the round works extremely rich stereo feeling, vivid, lifelike, vivid, so the round's choice of stone material is strict, from width to thickness must have proper proportion with physical, before carving the 'blank' in proportion. 'Blank' is the first program in the round, is also an important link, especially the large round work, also need to be in the dirt 'blank', after being revised keep 'mud', then formally on the stone 'blank'. Is to ensure that the purpose of 'blank' carving parts can act in proportion to the strict requirements, and then the knife carving vivid works. With the passage of time, the broader stone material and stone carving techniques also enrich the development, in the round techniques, on the basis of engraved look, chain carving. On the content of expression, but also by the independent individual development to people, animals and landscape, etc. The combination of large statues, this makes the round from technique to the work content is more rich and perfect. The same full relief work, often is the round carved, engraved look, chain and so on a variety of techniques to achieve mastery through a comprehensive study. Bring about double bear ( Enthalpy redstone) Bring three Yang kaitai, Tai chi stone) Bring with it ( Gao Shanshi) Relief and valuable. such handiwork embossment is carved in stone, the eyeball and convex carving techniques. It is the biggest difference with the round, relief only once the bearing performance and the image of 'half stereo feeling', rear or on the stone, or according to the situation briefly carved stone layer. To bump the eyeball, natural to shovel without a part of the image, if the shovel without the eyeball and the part of the shallow depth, the bulging of the eyeball is too shallow, this is called a bas-relief carving, otherwise known as high relief. High-relief close to round. Relief in our country has a long history, is one of the following round decorative carving techniques, engraved on the surface of the rock or a timber, such as carved in the eighteenth year of the northern wei tai luoyang longmen grottoes GuYang holes niches MeiShang stone reliefs, shaanxi xi 'an taizong zhaoling 6 horses relief, etc. Shoushan stone reliefs began in the Ming and qing dynasties four carved shou inkstone and seal of the square all around, although because of material on the volume and relief work of the Chinese past dynasties, disparity is very big, but the traditional Chinese sculpture art of shoushan stone thin and valuable. such handiwork is draw lessons from China's ancient temples, palaces, pavilions, Bridges, cottage, etc decoration and moya carved stone, brick carving, woodcarving, etc technique development. The material is very exquisite stone reliefs and end the levels of wide flat, so it's best to choose the color layer thin shape stone, the use of the outer scenery of stone carving, with the inner stone as a substrate, forming natural color. With two layers of levels, can take advantage of the upper stone carving, the lower as the substrate, or on the substrate mean, is like a relief in photograph reflect with wall paintings. Levels there are multiple layers, can be used in the high relief carving works, in this way, the art effect is more ideal. In relief work, keep out of the eyeball and the part, and the back part or all of the hollow out locally, is called a valuable. such handiwork. Valuable. such handiwork and engraved look, chain carved the similarities and differences of performance for, all have high penetrability, but the back of the valuable. such handiwork to represent, in the form of plaque has one valuable. such handiwork and double valuable. such handiwork. One valuable. such handiwork engraved only positive, double valuable. such handiwork will face, back side image is carved out. Double or single valuable. such handiwork valuable. such handiwork, all with engraved look, chain carved the distinction that having essence, that is engraved look and chain vulture is 360 degrees all aspects of sculpture, rather than the positive and reverse sides, therefore, engraved look and chain belongs to the round techniques, and valuable. such handiwork is an extension of the embossing techniques. Bring the sunset ( Furong stone) Bring about the present paper arrives at an inter pretation ( Enthalpy redstone) Bring the fragrance li ( Flag stone)
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