The third chapter & have spent       Stone carving techniques ( 4) _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-10
Core tip: seal cutting seal cutting history began in the qin dynasty. After qin shi huang unified China, ordered a unified promotion use seal script, seal seal surface seal letter becomes the content of the sculpture, the later generation phase and become a unique carving carving history began in the qin dynasty. After qin shi huang unified China, ordered a unified promotion use seal script, seal seal surface seal letter becomes the content of the sculpture, the later generation phase and become a unique sculpt art. Because ancient carving are tou yu as the material, until after the yuan dynasty tiara to start take milk stone inscription, stone carving history to open the third page. Close connection because of stone carving and seal, so the history of the stone carving, figuratively speaking, they are written in the seal of the seal surface. Wen Peng initiative in Ming dynasty calligraphy engrave into the seal beside, qing dynasty Ding Jing after another, such as a person with cutter force forthright style, popular in jiangsu and zhejiang area, its 'zhejiang'. Followed by Deng Shiru again to show the book, the art of using saber and brushwork, a variable is the qin and han dynasty style, known as 'deng'. To the late qing dynasty, zhao zhiqian learnt the Qin Hanquan, wash and other inscriptions unearthed in print, special. Republic of China, fostered numerous eminent people like wu changshuo in HanYin and on the basis of predecessors' poem, books, paintings, printed in a furnace, muddy art spirit, majestic. Later Huang Mufu and straight after qin and han dynasties, determining the right amount, version, and sharp knife method, and hunan's remark of qi baishi, fuzhou Chen is carving masters. Seal cutting art occupies an important position in traditional Chinese culture. Decree of emperors and royal treasure to seal letter carved into. As for the famous painting and calligraphy masters are depending on the seal cutting such as treasure. A book or a painting, seal cutting seal will rattle, the so-called poetry, books, printing, painting, be short of one cannot. Seal cutting and intaglio two divided into Yang. Yang carved the white base, stroke often slender fluent; Intaglio is Judy Bai Wen, bold and vigorous strokes, full of original inscriptions of lasting appeal. Yang carved and shade is engraved into double pair to use, bring out the best in each other, particularly intriguing. Seal cutting especially pay attention to the seal character. The seal character has a minor, seal script, such as more than 20, in addition to 'of'. Should use what kind of seal character, according to print the layout. Normally, with Zhu Bai, sublime. Should have good seal character carving skills, at the same time should be familiar with the calligraphy art of composition, shoushan stone carving works often does not need to repair the light, see the vivid and natural. Mosaic Mosaic is also called the screen carving, belongs to the category of small reliefs. With gold jewels as ornaments inlaid in China history is very long, but beginning in early qing dynasty inlaid with stone statue. And shou stone Mosaic in other early on, and form a kind of technique, but in the 1970 s, for descendants shou stone carvings 'east united' Lin Shou comparable to initiative. Han is the specific do the different colors of shoushan stone tablets, according to the preliminary design good pictures decomposition, carved into relief, and then according to the drawings with it in lacquer screen, wall hanging, table screen or vessels, etc. Shoushan stone Mosaic production process design, sculpture and paste respectively three steps. Design includes 'appliance' and 'carved image' two parts, the two must be coordinated, foil each other. Painting is determined, break it down into several parts, respectively, a diagram, and then according to the requirements of design, the choice that meet the needs of the material and colour of flake. When select material should not only have the overall concept, reasonable ingredients, and note through natural stone Ku than effect, make the image more dazzling and colorful. When carving, will break down the drawings first posted on the stone chips, saw billet according to drawing. Meet with prospects, will set aside the appropriate Yu Shi, so that the finished product closely linked. Inlaid carved method with high relief slightly, just decomposition, but the scenery and uplift of the edge profile to slightly inclined inward, to make work more rich or whether feeling and stereo feeling. The seal after the decomposition of embossment stone chips, after dealing with the light wax paste can be combination. Paste the stone carving surface should be slightly less commonly in the frame of floor paint should choose dark tonal. Carving picture drawn characters and story, painting of flowers and vegetables, and antique vessels for subject matter. Layout appropriate hydrophobic unfavorable, interspersed with appropriate Jane is numerous. When the design should not only to facilitate Angle of print, scenery and to achieve complete composition, accord with HuaLi. Commonly used adhesives have finish paste and resin adhesive. Paint the paste is suitable for large face and opaque stone glue, resin adhesive is suitable for white or transparent glue. Scenery carvings in accordance with the drawings one by one paste on implements board face, after checking the paste, should be laid out to dry. If the paint paste paste, takes place Yin house, a few days later just can remove the display. Bring fruitful
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