The third chapter & have spent       Stone carving techniques ( 2) _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-10
Core tip: thin thin meaning is a special noun shou stone carvings, also is a kind of unique artistic technique of expression shou stone, because of its shallow carved picture, so also known as the 'knife'. Meaning from relief techniques gradually thin thin thin meaning is a special noun shou stone carvings, also is a kind of unique artistic technique of expression shou stone, because of its shallow carved picture, so also known as the 'knife'. Thin meaning is gradually back to the relief technique, it than a bas-relief 'shallow', because of the thin layer and rich in painting, carving the so called 'thin'. Thin means carving has a reputation for 'elegant, subtle, nearly HuaLi', calligraphy, seal cutting and painting to be in harmony an organic whole, it is a unique art between painting and sculpture, because of this, excellent thin meaning works tend to have the artistic charm of free from vulgarity is particularly rich appreciation value. Thin meaning not only as a kind of unique artistic technique of expression and crown shoushan stone industry, but also because of its high skill and make the unique artistic charm. It compared to other carving techniques, not only requires the carver master superb carving skills and profound foundation of basic skills, and asked them in calligraphy, seal cutting, traditional Chinese painting, poetry, etc. , melody must have good artistic accomplishment and attainments, high and elegant artistic realm. Shoushan stone thin can emerge from folk craft art, the Chinese painting HuaLi dissolve into stone, make human vientiane concentrated between the heart, become a kind of unique art full of cultural atmosphere, by the artist is endless pursuit of spirit. After represented by Lin qing qing of several generations of unremitting efforts and constant practice, makes work become thin many paintings and poems, and its artistic form, style, and appreciation value, has set up a file in the interest of stone carving art, self-sustaining, is a rarity in the traditional art treasure of China. Due to the thin shallow carved picture, consumables, so particularly suited to carve such as field-yellow stone and furong stone treasures the original stone. Field-yellow stone known as 'easy gold three times' said that its value ZiZhu phase meter, so carved stone chips also have loss. Sum up, thin carving has several characteristics. One is the strict material selection: choose more high quality stone material, such as titles, such as lotus, litchi jelly, skin is preferred. Two flies technique to high: many field-yellow stone treasures for shou stone carving master hand. Phase 3 is stone to extract: the frozen stone shoushan stone, tian, hibiscus stay rare rare stone, high value, carve, must study earnestly, epidermis of the stone cracks using, cicatricle processing and so on. Therefore has 'eagle eye view can't cut, whose surface potential strife exists'. Four is clear stone carefully: according to the draft design, identify future, perfect the carvings. Five is painted to the United States: pen painting on stone, for beautiful picture. Six is the outline to light: apple knife ghost, in the line of brush lines shallow positioning. Seven is nuclear draft, polished to perfection: effect of proofreading, skin with water, no skin with powder of nuclear. In short, the stone of psychic and superb skills, thin meaning work can truly achieve 'heart open a skill is not thin, pure and fresh and meaningful meaning' of the state. Xiangshan, bring about nine old ( Crystal stone cold) Bring about theory of panasonic (favored by thin Gao Shanshi) Bring about worship ( Litchi jelly stone) Carved engraved look engraved look with chain and chain carving is round relatively independent of carving techniques, often combined with a round or other techniques, make sculpture more expressive. Engraved look also calls the hollow out, which is not in the stone and the image of the empty part, the part will show the eyeball and preserved. Based on engraved look very difficult, so choose from stone, the layout of his works, the cutting tool is equipped with the carving process, etc. , and carving techniques are different in general. Engraved look fine stone must be qualitative sex pure, especially hollow out part, more should not have cracks and dense sand, otherwise easy to cause fracture. Engraved look use the tools, in addition to the general engraving cutter, need special long arm stuck between chisel, steak knife knife, shovel knife, hook type, sawing and small thorn, such as cutting tools. Due to internal engraved look scenery with Zhou direction method to overcome the difficulties in operation, so the design requirements of engraved look scenery is the best surface void. In general, the direction of the void, the more, the more empty, engraved look more easily, the effect is more better. Within the program is 'outside before they engraved look', wait for the outer scene and other line scene play slab, billet process after all, can be engraved look. Chain is carved with a piece of stone carving of the stone carving out the whole activity chain method, the law is the result of jade carving, is more difficult than jade carving, because the stone is not the quality of the jade is tenacious, careless slightly can cause chain broken stone ruins. Chain is very high to the requirement of stone material, must go through strict selection, appraisal. In general, fine quality, and the sex strong, pure and no case of shoushan stone is more appropriate. In the stone design, also be especially careful meticulous. First to arrange the location of the chain, the chain cleverly avoid cracks and sand. When carving, chain can play billet simultaneously with the rest of the scene, but can't eager to punch to take off the ring, have to wait for work after the completion of repair the light to take off the ring slowly again. Take off the ring is a very fine work, the difficulty is extremely high. First with a small hole, just to keep distance between each hole, and then with a special small knife or needle drill, cautious, in order to take off the ring, with a 'come back to your proofing cream' to be fixed, after waiting for the whole link carved into, parts of the glue with warm water to soak the dip again, slowly fall off. Bring every autumn ( Flag stone) Bring three chapter chain ( Gao Shanshi) Bring every autumn ( Gao Shanshi)
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