The technological process of stainless steel sculpture and the matters needing attention in its sketch design

by:Ennas      2022-02-16
We can see all kinds of sculptures everywhere in our lives. Among them, stainless steel sculpture is a relatively common one. For stainless steel sculptures, people may still have a little knowledge of it. Let me introduce you to the process of stainless steel sculpture and its sketch design. 1. The stainless steel sculpture process 1. The design is based on the requirements of the manufacturer and combined with the surrounding environmental factors. The sculpture designer designs an intention map or an effect map. After multiple confirmations and revisions by the manufacturer, the specifications and dimensions are determined. 2 , Drawing deepening means making a deep drawing, also called a production processing drawing. The size of each detail is marked on the drawing, and it is confirmed by the manufacturer again, and then archived after confirmation. At the same time, it is processed by the sculpture manufacturer. 3. The production sample is the sculpture after molding. The reduced version of the sample, the first is to let the producer confirm the shape of the sculpture and feel the sculpture more intuitively, and propose amendments to the sculpture. The second is to make the master mold according to the sample and enlarge it into a one-to-one mold tire, which is used for inverting the mold. Molds for making sculptures. Mold tires are divided into mud tires, clay drafts and foams. The mold tires are repeatedly modified and confirmed according to the production drawings. After meeting the requirements, they are turned into a harder mold. 4. The opening and labeling are based on the characteristics of the mold. Divide the different parts of the mold into a number of small pieces, and label them, and cut the samples after labeling, paste them on the mold with paper, and cut them into sample paper according to the size of the opening and label it, and then open the material according to the sample paper. 5. Forging After opening the material, the stainless steel sheet is repeatedly forged and compared with the mold until it is completely consistent with the mold. 6. Welding (splicing) According to the serial number, the forged sheets are spliced u200bu200btogether and the welding is firm. 7. Polishing makes the welding point smooth , This process is a slow and meticulous work, first polish with coarse sandpaper, and then polish with fine sandpaper, until the splicing seams can not be seen, and the whole sculpture is integrated. 8. The surface treatment is the original color, which is the color of the raw material itself; The second is spray paint, commonly used fluorocarbon paint, that is, car paint, can be sprayed into a variety of colors according to the production requirements. Second, the stainless steel sculpture sketch design considerations 1. Make full use of the stainless steel sculpture to express a positive look. Avoid shoddy, planning Designers can integrate the requirements of customers and the novelty of outstanding works in their creation. 2. Urban stainless steel sculpture designers use their imagination to design freely. Planners are responsible for their own planning, so they must pay more attention to the quality of the planned works. 3 , Urban stainless steel sculpture design should fully display the characteristics of the local or enterprise. When creating according to customer requirements, fully consider its characteristics, and display it through works. Make the sculpture both artistic and local or professional. The above content is Beijing The stainless steel sculpture manufacturer brings you an introduction about the process of stainless steel sculpture and the precautions of its sketch design. I hope it can help you.
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