The tang dynasty bronze falsify and characteristics ( A) _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-10
Core tip: Chinese bronze ware pseudograph, besides there are regional difference has time difference. Around the former focuses on the false production around some characteristics, while the latter think fake machine manufacture and times Chinese bronze ware pseudograph besides there are regional difference, there are differences in time. Around the former focuses on the fake making around some characteristics, while the latter think fake production and different times, which pushed forward along with the social history, at various stages of development of social history and the condition of different political and economic environment, cultural landscape and sense of value choices, and reflect on the pseudo device production also has its time. In short, the historical development period of the pseudo device has its own behavior characteristics. Need to be able to accurately tell the authenticity of funerary wares, the most fundamental requirement is to put the insurance period, various types of ancient bronze faking features clear, find out the characteristics of 'fake' pseudo device also have betray oneself. How to identify the tang dynasty bronze pseudograph? This is mainly for us to understand the economic and cultural background in the tang dynasty, known in the tang dynasty antique behavior characteristics, so as to achieve the purpose of the true. Tang dynasty is the peak stage of feudal society development in our country, this historical period, China's cultural art also reached the highest realm, metal smelting and casting technology development to a new stage. At this time, the increase in the number of species of smelting casting, in addition to the bronze, iron, also a lot of treasure, and from the imperial concubines, reach your elegant breeding, and intellectuals under the economist, more loving Yu Jinyin vessels. At this time the feeling of bronze ware is left out, copy level generally. In the Palace Museum collection around a tang imitation vessels, is indeed far from imitation is excellent. This copy machine is out of looking for wax cooked pit, in the mouth, neck, feet in all have obvious spiral lines, at the bottom of the concave, ring foot high. This copy machine through the identification, make us realize the pseudograph in tang dynasty bronze basic characteristics. First of all, the copy machine than really is a finer texture, then refers to the tang dynasty smelting casting level than chow higher performance. Imitation is silver gray, more out of hole. Second, the imitation of the mouth, neck and feet inside and outside are spinning lines, and chow really, no. The copy machine lost BiZhenGan, explain the level of central importance to enough. Finally, the general sinking on the bottom of the copy machine, below the bottom of chow really, so, imitation of the feet are significantly higher than true. The fake technical major mistakes can only explain tang dynasty has been do not take the bronze ware. Look from a legacy of the tang pseudo device, bronze objects for field use, such as copper body, net bottle, figure of Buddha, it also conforms to the tang dynasty Buddhism prevailed on view. Song dynasty imitation bronze alloy parts for copper, tin, lead, and a small amount of zinc, copper for Huang Zhong red. Very little pseudo device containing ingredients of tin Ming and qing dynasties, and composition of copper and zinc, copper color is yellow. Pseudo device for Huang Zhong white color but the Ming and qing dynasties, the qing dynasty pseudo color is Huang Zhong through yellow. Therefore, implements the authenticity of identification by copper, depends on the bottom of the ears, feet, mouth along, dew outside the copper color. From color distinguishes the false true to the color of the child, hierarchy is intricate, bronze expert known as 'black lacquer', 'green paint', 'mercury seeps' and 'fructus corni red', which refers to the objects to the shades of light and color, and so on and so forth. Surface to paint in black to black lacquer, scared for the green paint, paint green tan-white for mercury seeps, red for fructus corni in red. And the formation of which several kinds of surface ground color associated with burial conditions, namely with acid, alkali in the soil and dry wet degree and so on. Hunan unearthed bronze ware, called 'water', to more than the color of the green, shiny. The northern bronzes unearthed more than is a 'dry pit', ground color is white or black grey, light. Therefore, mastery of the bronze ware the difference between real and fake on the color, you can identify its authenticity.
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