The summer parent-child carnival cools down, and the 2015 Beijing Play Expo continues to be exciting

by:Ennas      2021-12-21

'Buy the reserve price, play novels, enjoy parent-child time, learn to nurture knowledgeExtra! The only interactive and experiential fun carnival in China-Beijing Play Expo is a strong beachhead for the National Convention Center! From July 30th to August 2nd, world-renowned brands gathered again. In addition to toys and animation, baby products such as safety seats, strollers, and baby bottles were added; exciting activities continued with 'Indiana Jones' and 'Family Happy' In addition to features such as 'stageAbility to burst. Whether you are a tiger mother cat dad with a cute baby, or a prospective dad preparing for pregnancy, the annual top parenting fun feast is not to be missed! How to quickly, accurately and accurately find a game that you like and suitable for your own age, and easily start the exploration journey of the toy kingdom? Here, the editor reveals the exciting content of the Beijing Game Expo in advance, and the first wave of surprises allows you to experience it first: Aspect 1: The safety experience season for expectant mothers and fathers, perfect interpretation of a different style 'Maternity Yoga Class, The perfect figure breaks through the cocoon and reshapes, the elves in the belly are healthy; the 'creative belly painting competitionDad made the finale and the mother-to-be had a whimsical show of grace, and fixed the projection to make the nurturing life interesting and interesting. Highlight 2: 0-3 year old cute baby grows up in a small world, healthy development and happy fisher puppy Pippi study table, Erlebao vitality guitar, Ou Dr. waterfall tree house, Aobo soft ball, VTech's little zebra pedal Driving, Qizhiqisi water painting dolls, Huile Happy Rocking Horse... new and unique toys will be unveiled together to escort babies' intelligence and healthy development. Highlight 3: 3-6 years old children's occupational experience hall, hundreds of characters can easily travel through Lego builders, Hape kitchen assistants, hot wheels sports car drivers, Chicco scientists, Dr. Sile Animals, LaQ magician, AMOS watercolor Graffiti masters, Zhida electric power fast racers, Muwan family architects, Trojan horse smart food masters... Hundreds of professions are free to switch, and they can also be super-integrated with Ultraman Galaxy, interact closely with Barbie dolls, and share with My Little Pony The magic of friendship! Highlight 4: 6-12 years old children's competitive all-around competition, challenge the limit of physical intelligence, girls walk into the Disney romantic castle, compete with the sweethearts of the wonderful singing voice, and summon the elf night loli and the little princess Mi Lu to hold an unprecedented magic party , Can also pretend to be a heroine with Hua Mulan as a man; the boys fly a Guinness remote-controlled aircraft and arrive at the VTech Phantom Raceway to feel the speed and passion of the competition; they can also combine with Transformers to form the NERF Super Hurricane The team has broken through the levels carefully set up by Leboqu, Chicco, Dr. Le, and Zhida Robot Army. Highlight 5: The summer stocking season directly hits the e-commerce promotion, and there are free safety seats, baby strollers, baby bottles, safety seats, baby toys, building block inserts, fashion dolls, remote control electric, DIY handmade and other products. The peak reserve price broke the 6.18 carnival record! At the same time, there are hundreds of well-known child safety seats on display! Missed, wait another year! Highlight 6: Play with novelties, grab benefits, receive gift packages, and learn knowledge. The Beijing Play Expo will exclusively set up a 'safety knowledge micro-class' on site to teach toys, baby products and other common knowledge and usage methods to 'remove the fake and keep the truth' safe Consumption, be a wise parent with unique insight. 30,000 square meters of venue, 300 well-known brands, 100 parent-child activities, 100,000 gift packages, the summer carnival is only one time! For the latest developments and more exciting events of the Beijing Play Expo, please follow tjpa1986 on WeChat!
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