The Spring Festival is approaching, how do companies choose to present business gifts?

by:Ennas      2022-02-14

Birthday gifts, wedding gifts, festive gifts, business gifts and other gifts have been quite popular in recent years, covering almost every aspect of our lives. These gifts also make communication between people and companies smoother.   Then why does the company give business gifts? According to a survey, the main reason is to express appreciation to others (61%), and the second reason is to develop business relationships through good wishes (34%). Half of the respondents gave gifts on Christmas, and nearly one-third gave gifts on special occasions. More and more companies realize that gift-giving in business activities is not only advertising, but also an important aspect of mutual communication.   So for a company, how to send business gifts to get the other party's welcome?  Gifts are dedication and joy. First of all, you have to understand what the other party really needs. The gifts given are two-way. You can't just rely on the will of the giver, and you can't dislike the gift given by the other party based on your own preferences. As long as the two parties can compare their hearts with each other and think more about each other, they won't make too many mistakes. Corporate gifts must be sent, but how to send them is very particular.  Choose gifts that you also want to receive. If you don’t even like the gift you give, how can someone like it? Consider from the recipient of the gift, don’t forward the received outdated gift to others now or simply discard it, because the gift-giver usually pays attention to whether you have used the gift he gave.   If you are richer and give gifts to ordinary friends, it is not advisable to shoot too lavishly, so as not to make the other party confused and cause unnecessary embarrassment and get the opposite effect. In fact, giving some thoughtful gifts may achieve better results.   If it is a purchased gift, remember to remove the price tag from the gift when giving it. Some advanced custom gifts are more expensive. If you leave the label on the gift, the gift can only convey two messages: one is how much our friendship is worth, and the other is to watch! Next time I have to return the same price. Gifts'. And this information can destroy all the gifts of sentiment! In addition, regardless of the value of the gift itself, it is best to wrap it in wrapping paper.   In addition, consider whether the recipient of the gift can use the gift you give in their daily lives. For example, for the joy of a friend's housewarming, if you are going to give him a large decorative painting, you should first consider: Is there such a large painting in his house? Nowadays, many large companies have special storage in their computers, and they have records of the identities, status and hobbies, and birthdays of some major related companies and related persons. There are always special gifts on a regular basis during holidays or on suitable days. .   Many people believe that giving gifts is mainly to express gratitude to customers and to further strengthen existing relationships. Smart companies often have lunch or dinner with customers after regular purchases, or give gifts to customers after other activities are over. Advertising promotional gifts can play an advertising role, achieve the purpose of gratitude, and at the same time consolidate and strengthen the existing good relationship between the company and its customers.
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