The spirit of the red head boat leads entrepreneurs to explore the way to make the toy industry bigger and stronger

by:Ennas      2021-12-03

The bow of this large stone ship was painted red, hence the name 'Red Head ShipIn Chenghai, no one does not know the 'red-head boat'. 'Red-headed boats' were a product of the Qing Dynasty's maritime prohibition system, which was determined by the Yongzheng dynasty of Qing Dynasty for the maritime prohibition. All civilian ships in Guangdong should 'bow oil red and mast half red' in order to restrict the flow of fishing boats. At that time, the Chaoshan area first large-scale immigration to Southeast Asia, mainly from Zhanglin Port by red-headed boats, Chenghai became the birthplace of red-headed boats. 'In Chenghai, the red-headed ship represents the fighting spirit of fighting with the sky, with the earth, with people, and advancing with the times. It is the essence of Chenghai's unique overseas Chinese culture.' said Lin Ruiqun, chairman of Shantou Ruike Electronics Co., Ltd., now The red-headed boat spirit has led our group of entrepreneurs to continue to innovate and explore the path of making the toy industry bigger and stronger. Lin Ruiqun originally ran a sweater business, and since 2008 he has been involved in the fields of electronic parts and accessories. According to him, “To make a high-end development in the toy industry, Chenghai must have independent high-tech capabilities.” In order to fill the gap in the market, Lin Ruiqun hired talents at home and abroad for scientific research and development at high salaries. At present, in his company, a research and development team composed of more than 30 engineers has been formed. In Chenghai, there are many entrepreneurs like Lin Ruiqun who are constantly exploring and strengthening the toy industry. Since 2005, with the changes in domestic and foreign markets, the Chenghai toy and gift industry, which focuses on pure processing and production, is facing tremendous pressure and challenges. Chenghai has gradually differentiated into two toy industry development paths: the combination of toys and technology, and the combination of toys and animation. In the 2008 international financial crisis, the export volume of toys from the Chinese mainland decreased by 13.8%, while Chenghai District relied on independent innovation to buck the trend, showing a boom in domestic and foreign sales. Since that year, the output value of the toy and gift industry has increased by 14.5% annually. Aofei Animation Culture Co., Ltd. is the first company in China to operate the entire animation industry chain. As early as 1998, Aofei introduced copyright agency in China and introduced the agency sales of the animation 'Pokemon' series. 'At that time, we tasted the sweetness of animation that brought considerable benefits to the toy industry.' said Chen Shiwu, general manager of the company's manufacturing division. Since then, the company has been researching and exploring animation, and finally established an animation company in 2004 to open up the culture. The road of transformation combined with industrial development. In the exhibition hall of Aofei Company, the reporter saw that the company’s self-created animation 'Ballala Little Demon' and 'Firepower Boy' are being shown on the screens in different exhibition areas. Matching toy derivatives. Chen Shiwu said that in the future, we will strive to upgrade to the stage of cultural industrialization focusing on 'brand sales'. It is under the encouragement of the red-headed boat spirit that Chenghai is constantly advancing. At present, a 'Bao'ao City' dedicated to building an industrial cluster is constantly incubating. It will be built on the basis of Shantou's superior characteristic industrial toy industry and become an international toy industry chain e-commerce park.
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