The special supervision and spot check on the quality of children's toy products is here to teach you how to choose safe toys for your children

by:Ennas      2022-01-27
In order to ensure the safe and reliable use of children's toys, the Xuzhou City Market Supervision Department has organized special supervision and spot checks on the quality of children's toy products since mid-October. The scope of spot checks covers major shopping malls and supermarkets in the city's circulation area. The special supervision and spot checks on the quality of toy products are mainly plastic toys. A total of 20 batches of samples were sampled. For unqualified products, the merchants have been ordered to remove them from the shelves. The special supervision and spot check conducted inspections on the toy's mechanical and physical properties, signs and instructions for use, and migration items of specific elements. During the supervision and spot check, five main problems were found: one is that the small parts on the toy may cause children to swallow and eat by mistake; the other is that the toy holes and gaps are unreasonable, which may easily cause the children's fingers to be stuck or cut; the third is the toy bag The ropes and packaging films on the plastic toys are likely to cause suffocation of children; fourth, the burrs or overflows on the edges and corners of the molded toys can easily scratch children’s fingers; fifth, the warning signs or warning statements on the toy packaging, instruction manuals and labels do not meet the national standard . Market supervisors also remind consumers that safety is the most important consideration when buying toys, and you should see it, smell it, and touch it. Look at the color of the toy. The black spots on some single-color plastic toys may be impurities of recycled materials; secondly, when the toy smells, some of the scraps may be made from the second use of toys, the smell is rather pungent; thirdly, the surface of the toy is mostly The surface of inferior toys will not be smooth. In addition, when buying toys, go to qualified stores and supermarkets to choose products with good brands and guarantees.
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