The soul of toys, toys also have life

by:Ennas      2021-11-28

The value of a toy cannot be judged solely by its price. Toys are children's 'good partnersHowever, some children reported that their parents gave their toys to other children casually, and when they were upset, they were also blamed for not knowing how to share them. But this is not the case. Children’s favorite toys have been played for a long time, have feelings, and can't put it down. Of course, they will be reluctant to give them to others. After all, those toys accompany them through that childhood and carry many happy memories. The British 'Daily Mail' reported on January 5 that the American woman Jessica Johnson (Jessica Johnson) received a soft toy 'Mr. Fox' as a gift when she was 3 years old. I will take pictures everywhere. Now Jessica has been with her good partner for 30 years, and 'Mr. Fox' has also traveled to world-famous places such as the Vatican, Buckingham Palace, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. There is also a British tour of the doll toy Lego. Andrew White, a 39-year-old British photographer, puts Lego in his pocket and takes it with him wherever he goes. White said that when Lego is put into the lens, it is like telling Lego's story through the lens, which gives these photos a whole new meaning. Both Mr. Fox and Lego are inseparable friends of the owners. They are not just toys. When people put emotions on toys, toys become the sustenance of people's feelings. People's talks and complaints, they all seem to understand, and they have become the most loyal listeners. Nowadays, there are countless toys. How to make toys stand out among the many toys? I think this lies in the soul of the toy. The combination of animation and toys, the combination of games and toys. Many toys are entities created based on the prototypes of small lives jumping around on the TV screen. When children see it, they will naturally think of their tone of voice and behavior. Toys are alive. Parents should also respect children's choices and don't make decisions for children forcefully. Let them always maintain a pure heart and a happy childhood.
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