The so-called 'boys toys' and 'girls toys' are a misunderstanding

by:Ennas      2021-11-27

The New Year is here, and many parents will pick a toy for their children as a gift. However, Ms. Wu had trouble choosing toys for her son: she wanted to give her son a set of kitchen utensils, but all the toys of this type were pink. Walking into 'Toys R UsDo children need to choose toys strictly according to gender?   According to Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao, Lin Shumei, an assistant professor at the Singapore Institute of Technology, is also an occupational therapist who has studied child development for many years. In her opinion, the so-called 'boys toys' and 'girls toys' are misunderstandings. She suggested that parents should not be too entangled in the 'gender' of toys. For example, cooking toys does not make boys feminine, it just allows children to learn through the process of imitation. The Barbie doll, which is loved by girls, has always been controversial in academia. Some experts believe that Barbie makes girls have 'princess dreams' and 'star dreams' from an early age, which hinders the development of women. Many reports have pointed out that if girls are worried that too much exposure to such toys, they will think that they must also meet the standard of beauty of dolls.   Therefore, Lin Shumei suggested that children should choose toys without gender labels, such as building blocks, balls, puzzles, plasticine, animal farm toys, etc. These toys are suitable for both boys and girls. In addition to stimulating children's imagination, plasticine can also train children's muscle motor skills.   In addition, Lin Shumei also made some suggestions on choosing toys and playing with toys.   Use waste to make toys. Parents can encourage children to use waste to make toys, such as making shoe boxes into cars or animals. This not only promotes the parent-child relationship, but also allows children to use their imagination, promote thinking, and create hands-on.   Let the children guide their parents. Parents must learn to relax and not to regard each play as a way to achieve a goal. Lin Shumei believes that there should be room for children to choose what they want to play. Different toys have different functions, and some parents are only willing to buy educational toys, which is not right.   Avoid violent toys. Many boys have liked toy swords and soft bullet toy guns since they were young, and some even liked violent cartoons. Lin Shumei believes that this will make children full of gunfights, good people and bad people, which is detrimental to their growth.   New ways to play with old toys. Lin Shumei said that parents don't have to keep playing new toys for their children, but instead teach them how to play with old toys in new ways.
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