The sixteenth international tianjin handicraft art exhibition (2018)

by:Ennas      2021-10-11
“ The sixteenth international tianjin handicraft art exhibition (2018) ( CTICE2018) ” On April 5-2018 On April 8, held in tianjin meijiang convention and exhibition center, nearly more than 5000 exhibition booths, exhibition area will reach 4. 4 square meters. Will attract buyers from home and abroad regions industry communication and negotiation. 2018 the sixteenth tianjin international handicraft art collection fair, is a leading gift crafts and art event, has successfully held 15 sessions, the last exhibition attracted more than 4000 exhibitors from around the world, become a handicraft art insiders handicraft art industry event, not to be missed by the industry as & other; Throughout north China handicraft art former display &; 。 Tianjin international handicraft art exhibition with rich resources of art of Chinese arts and crafts industry and more than 10 years of abundant strength, which is formed by the tianjin for gift handicraft art traders and buyers to build efficient trade platform, for the industry tongren expand their business to provide a broader platform and space. Exhibition range: 1, gifts and gifts: gifts, holiday gifts, root carving, wood carving, antique furniture, crystal and glass products, ceramics, toys, advertising promotion products, packaging and paper products, clocks, desk calendar, calendars, artwork, picture frames, decoration, travel supplies, wax art, lacquer, annatto furniture, etc. 2, handicrafts, resin handicrafts, rattan iron crafts, crystal process, glass, glass, ceramic, fabric, metal jewelry, handicrafts, arts and crafts, sculpture process novel products, glass ornaments, etc. 3, household products, home decoration, kitchen supplies, table supplies, home crafts, electronic and electrical appliances, daily necessities and household textile goods, etc. 4, weaving and rattan iron crafts, all kinds of jade, bamboo, wood, grass, rattan, iron wicker products, handicrafts, etc.
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