The similarity of figurines and himself

by:Ennas      2020-05-27
Core tip: Lin Guoyao said masonry for the understanding and judgment are lacking of art, they don't understand the laws of art, don't know in the process of artistic creation, every detail can't have the slightest go Lin Guoyao think, masonry comprehension and judgment are lacking in art, they don't understand the laws of art, don't know in the process of artistic creation, every detail can't have the slightest its shape. 'Like the statue of the soong ching ling, and our original design which they do well, I think there is a consensus experts nature. In the construction site, the reporter saw a man take interphone in command of construction workers. He told a reporter, now no one to say to want to shut down. And the project has entered the end, late again do some polishing, surface waterproof processing work can be finished. The man said, carving workers just according to their ( Guangzhou academy of fine) Originally provided by the model, and on the basis of the original decoration better as soon as possible. The difference with the original model is not big! Just the materials used, the problem is out on the original model. 'You design is bad, how can you blame the somebody else bad guy's house? ”。 However, reporters at the scene to see a 'construction project planning permit before public' sign the project name and the construction unit are soong ching ling foundation youth center for children in henan province. The land area of 19092 square meters, a total construction area of 50868 square meters, construction area of 37495 square meters on the ground, underground construction area of 13373 square meters, construction area of 6943 base. 76 square meters. The board also comes with a total floor plan, elevation, standard layer of floor plan and rendering. With zhengzhou zhengdong new district land planning bureau. The man told reporters that the small statues and soong ching ling I like or unlike, relationship with the designing department, the model itself is not like they do. 'I think, this statue is far better than they that model, the soong ching ling that decorous temperament. Recommends that the photos of soong ching ling, and they die, the die too small and large mold all out, let everybody have a look. In the media reported yesterday, the 'soong ching ling' figurines construction procedure is not perfect, there is no approval, reporters once again came to nine such as east road, zhengzhou city and the statue of the dragon lake south outer ring road intersection construction site. At the scene, the reporter sees workers still in the construction. And zhengdong new district officials said, they are no longer in an interview, unified answer relevant information from the city. Behind the statue in the 'soong ching ling', there is a already shutdown of large buildings, according to media reports that the other 4/5 part of the approval of land. These buildings will be 15 building, covering an area of 160 mu, building area of 170000 square meters of commercial housing. Head of the department of guangzhou academy of fine figurines Lin Guoyao told reporters: 'estimates say that is likely to be the person who manufacture factory. In the process of doing figurines, masonry is only play the role of an assistant, should work under the guidance of our professionals.
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