The significance of small garden statues

by:Ennas      2021-11-02
Core clew: garden with shape, carving figurines refers to the object image, and with three dimensions is considerable. Divided into two types: full relief and relief from the type. If the value of the function and in small statues and garden with shape, carving figurines refers to an object, image, and with three dimensions is considerable. Divided into two types: full relief and relief from the type. If the function and value of figurines, figurines can be divided into religious since ancient times, memorial, theme, decorative iconic category; If in its modelling form, can be divided into concrete, abstract, and abstract type, etc. Garden figurines essay mainly refers to the outdoor sketch with ornamental figurines. Figurine is a kind of plastic arts with strong appeal, small statues sketch from life, and often has to have more perfect than life itself to appreciation and ponder, to beautify the human mind, cultivate people's sentiment, give landscape vivid theme, unique spiritual connotation and strong artistic appeal. Traditionally in the gardening art, no matter at home and abroad, every successful landscape design works almost successfully combines the figurine art achievement. In Chinese traditional gardens, although those shilong, stone horse, stone fish, Shi Gui figurines, copper, copper cranes and other configuration have some idealism superstition color, but they are over one thousand and enduring artistic charm, is kept down. When we were in the garden of the imperial palace in Beijing, for the realistic small statues and emotion, is the great small statues are giving the ordinary animals with new meaning and is different from natural vitality. , imagine if Beijing's imperial garden if missing these figurines, will be how pale? Visible, small garden is these wonderful statue statue improved the landscape environment art taste, give the stillness of the botanical garden on the wings of lenovo. And foreign classical garden is almost none figurines, although the configuration of more formal, rigorous, but the garden art sentiment is very strong. In the modern garden by figurine art means to enrich the landscape artistic conception is increasingly becoming the garden designers like. Small statues sketch of the theme is not stick to one pattern, form but can small, image may be abstract representations, to express the theme can be serious can be romantic.
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