The Shenyang Consumers Association released the test results of 48 plush toys, 22 of which have detected migrating elements!

by:Ennas      2022-02-06
Recently, the Consumers Association of Shenyang City, Liaoning Province released the comparative test results of 48 samples of plush toys. The migration of specific elements in all samples met the standard, and the depilation rate in all samples was as high as 24.0%. The specific results are as follows. The sample test items all meet the requirements of relevant standards. It is understood that the plush toy samples of this comparative test were carried out by the staff of Shenyang Consumers Association and related testing companies in Shenyang offline physical stores and online as ordinary consumers. Random purchase in the mall. Buy 29 models in offline places such as large comprehensive commercial buildings, shopping malls, ordinary supermarkets, specialty stores, retail stores, and 19 models online on well-known e-commerce platforms. The unit prices of 48 models range from 17.5 yuan to 534.4 yuan, basically covering The price distribution of consumers buying plush toys. The comparative test mainly focuses on toy identification, fastness and assembly quality of small non-removable plastic objects, fastness to stitching and cloth fleece, accessible sharp points and edges, specific elements (antimony Sb, arsenic As, barium Ba, cadmium Cd, chromium Cr, lead Pb, mercury Hg, selenium Se) migration, total lead, total cadmium and other items are tested, and combined with consumer demand, the hair removal rate and softness of plush toys are evaluated. ▲The fastness test process of small objects has been tested, and the test items of 48 plush toy samples all meet the requirements of relevant standards. The overall quality of plush toy products on the market is relatively good. The migrating element antimony Sb was detected in 22 samples. As consumers have higher and higher requirements for the aesthetics of toy products, the raw materials involved in plush toys are becoming more and more diversified, including basic materials such as metal, wood, plastics, textiles, etc. The additives, these additives that exist in toy materials for the purpose of stabilization, plasticization, anti-oxidation, flame retardancy, etc., are often hidden health hazards due to their containing toxic and harmful heavy metals. During children's play, skin contact, eye contact, chewing or even swallowing toys can cause certain high-concentration and excessive trace elements to enter the body, which will adversely affect children's health and development. The migration of specific elements of the 48 plush toys tested by the comparative test meets the standard requirements. Among them, arsenic As, barium Ba, cadmium Cd, chromium Cr, lead Pb, mercury Hg, selenium Se are not detected, and 22 samples can migrate elements Antimony Sb has been detected, and the detection value of 4 samples is more than 40mg/kg (see the following table), but consumers can choose to purchase carefully if the detection amount is ≤60mg/kg required by the standard. There is a big difference in the sample depilation rate. The issue of plush toys' depilation has also received general concern from consumers. This comparative test refers to GB/T 21196-2007 'Textiles-Martindale Method of Fabric Abrasion Resistance Determination Part 3 Quality Loss Determination' to test the plush toys. The test results show that all plush toys have depilation, and the depilation rate of different plush toys is quite different. The lowest depilation rate is 0.5% and the highest is 24.0%. The comparative test found that the longer and sparser the hair of the plush toy is, the higher the depilation rate is by comparing the appearance of the samples. The experimental results also show that the average hair removal rate of the plush toy samples purchased on the online store is higher. The depilation rate of plush toys purchased in physical stores is between 0.5% and 7.3%, with an average of 3.6%; the depilation rate of plush toys purchased in online stores is between 1.8% and 24.0%, with an average of 6.0%. Pay more attention to details when choosing plush toys. The unit price of plush toys generally ranges from more than ten yuan to thousands of yuan. In the case of good overall quality, the Shenyang Consumers Association reminds consumers to make purchases with reference to the following points: 1. Check the signs and appearance. Toys should have instructions for use, often in the form of labels and listings on the plush toys, including product name, manufacturer name, main materials or ingredients, implementation standard code, applicable age range, safety warnings, etc. In addition to choosing their favorite patterns, consumers also need to see whether the left and right positions of the plush toy are symmetrical, whether the stitching of each part is firm, and whether the accessories are scratched or incomplete. 2. Pay attention to materials, workmanship and accessories. The fabric of plush toys must first be clean, the inner filling material should be sufficient, the hand feels soft, elastic, and no peculiar smell; the patchwork on the toy should be firm, and the filling material must not be exposed from the patchwork; the small parts on the toy, such as art eyes , Nose, mouth, small ornaments, etc. should be strong and firm. Metal parts should be free of sharp edges and burrs. Unstable or too small accessories may cause danger in the baby's mouth when playing. 3. Understand the hair removal rate and softness. It is inevitable that plush toys will lose hair. Consumers will pat to remove the floating hair of plush toys after purchase, which can effectively avoid hair loss during subsequent use. When buying a plush toy, you can intuitively feel the softness of the plush toy by kneading it with both hands, so that you can choose a product that feels comfortable. 4. Consumers buying plush toys should pay attention to asking for shopping vouchers, so that quality problems can find businesses to effectively protect their legitimate rights and interests.
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