The Shanghai Metal Toy Museum officially opened, opening a 'time journey' for citizens

by:Ennas      2021-12-22

Children born in the 1970s and 1980s have an iron frog in their memory. As long as the clockwork is tightened, the iron frog can flutter on the floor for a while, naive. Tin toys have become the mark of an era.   A few days ago, the Shanghai Metal Toy Museum, located in the 1315 Liangcheng Road Park, officially opened. 3000 pieces of tin toys from different eras were unveiled, opening a 'time journey' for the citizens.  1 Gathering of Toy Treasures   The 1,000-square-meter exhibition hall of the Shanghai Metal Toy Museum is divided into three major areas: theme exhibition, toy interaction and metal toy family. The    theme exhibition area consists of a row of train-shaped display cabinets. In the showcase, all kinds of exquisitely crafted and well-preserved tin toys are arranged according to the classification of metal static, metal electric, and metal clockwork. Most of the production years are mainly from the 1960s to the 1980s. Tin frogs, hens laying eggs, chicks eating rice, bears taking pictures, and other childhood treasures that have disappeared for many years can be found here.  In the toy interactive area, visitors can relive the childhood happiness brought by iron toys such as hens laying eggs and small trains.   The reporter learned that at present, there are more than 3,000 tin toys of various series including animals, vehicles, and dolls in the museum. Except for some small toys that can evoke childhood memories, there are also 'treasures' with collectible value in the exhibits.   These 'treasures' are mainly concentrated in the theme exhibition area. In the exhibition area, a 'mobile dragon' produced in 1978 aroused the interest of many visitors. According to the museum’s instructor, this “motorized dragon” covered with paintings uses magnetron technology. Under the guidance of the magnetron rod, the dragon body will move freely along the trajectory. The craftsmanship is fine and complex. It is really rare in the context of the times. For this reason, it also won the second prize of the Shanghai Handicraft Competition in one fell swoop. 'Due to the limited output, this'mobile dragon' has become an orphan, the only one in the world.' The guide Chen Yan introduced to reporters.  2For cultural heritage   , unlike many private collections, the organizer of the Shanghai Metal Toy Museum is Shanghai Toys Import and Export Co., Ltd., which has decades of experience in toy production. General Manager Wang Peiguang told reporters that China is the world's largest toy exporter, Shanghai is the birthplace of China's modern toy industry, and tin toys are the 'masterpiece' of Shanghai's toys.   67-year-old Yang Xianmin was an old employee of Shanghai Kangyuan Toy Factory. He said that as the earliest factory in Shanghai to produce clockwork metal toys, 70% to 80% of the tin toys that can be seen in the museum are produced in Shanghai Kangyuan Toy Factory. 'Like this four-sound submachine gun, it was a toy that was very popular in the 1960s.' Yang Xianmin recalled the production process at that time. 'It takes about 3 to 4 months from opening the mold to the final product. The size of the mold is 100. Many pairs, the material used is tinplate, the last is the coloring, step by step, very elegant. '   The complex craftsmanship and exquisite workmanship are every old toy man’s evaluation of Shanghai tin toys. It is precisely because of this that Wang Peiguang and other old toy people have the idea of u200bu200bpreparing for the establishment of a metal toy museum. 'We often talk about cultural inheritance. As the brand of an era, tin toys are also a representative of toy culture. It is worth recording and passing on.' According to Wang Peiguang, the more than 3,000 tin toys currently on display in the museum are all purchased through repurchase. Way to find it back. Since the toys produced in Shanghai were mainly for export at that time, 80% of these toys were from abroad, 15% were repurchased in China, and 5% were inherited by the company itself. Among them, the support of old designers is crucial. 'The'Mobile Dragon' was provided by its designer Mr. Zheng Changqi.' Wang Peiguang said, because there has been no suitable heritage site, this work has been kept at home by the designer. 'I heard that a metal toy museum was going to be built, and the old man took it out immediately. It is the wish of every designer to pass his own works in this way.' 3 Accepting donations from citizens For Wang Peiguang and other old toy people, The Shanghai Metal Toy Museum is just the beginning. In the future, the toy museum will continue to expand and is no longer limited to metal toys. 'Now there are still many toys in our warehouse that have not been exhibited. They were prepared for the expansion of the museum when it matures.' However, Wang Peiguang also said in an interview that although the collection of tin toys now accounts for more than 90% of all types , But according to the catalog, there are still some parts that have not been recovered. 'Citizens who have tin toys in their homes are welcome to donate to us. After the collection is exhibited, we will mark the name of the donor and pass on the name of the donor.'
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