The service life of glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture and its production process

by:Ennas      2022-02-19
FRP sculpture is a common sculpture in our daily life. It exists in various places in our lives, but we may not know much about FRP sculptures. Below, Beijing FRP sculpture manufacturers will introduce you to the service life of FRP sculptures. And its production process. 1. The service life of glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture 1. Generally speaking, the service life of outdoor glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture can reach about 8 to 10 years. Of course, this is required for production. The number of glass fibers and the thickness and uniformity of the entire sculpture are required to reach The paint of the surface protective layer also has a great relationship. 2. If the production technology of the glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture does not meet the standard, the outdoor high temperature and gale erosion cause the outdoor life of the glass fiber reinforced plastic to be generally only 3 to 5 years. If the surface is painted with poor quality If you want to ensure and improve the service life of FRP sculptures, you should put FRP products on the life of outdoor FRP sculptures under normal conditions. In the right environment, you also need to pay attention to maintaining the FRP sculptures. Second, the production process of FRP sculptures 1. The raw materials of FRP sculptures FRP sculptures are made of FRP, but they are not glass. In fact, they are very strong and light. Composite material, the main component is glass fiber reinforcement, epoxy resin, unsaturated polyester. Advantages of glass fiber reinforced plastic: non-conductive, it is an insulating material, light, tough, not easy to break and strong plasticity. 2. FRP sculpture Coloring ① Coloring materials: use the gel coat of the color you want, after the process of pasting, curing and demolding, you can also use paint to make the color not easy to fade. ② Coloring method: apply in the mold Coloring and coloring on the finished product. 3. Each product of FRP sculpture mold has its own mold, so it is very important to make a suitable FRP mold, and there is only one kind of animal sculpture or figure sculpture corresponding to one kind of mold. If you want to make different products, you will need more molds, and the cost will increase. The above content is the service life and production of FRP sculptures brought to you by Beijing Sculpture Factory The introduction of the process, I hope it can help you.
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