The second contemporary buddhist statuettes show

by:Ennas      2021-08-14
Core tip: guo-ping wu, chairman of Sun Chunlan minister and secretary of the luo zhijun tour of contemporary Chinese Buddhism art famous music historian, non-material cultural heritage protection expert tian qing accompanied by Buddha mountain takes long star guo-ping wu chairman accompanied Sun Chunlan minister and secretary luo zhijun visit the art exhibition of contemporary Chinese Buddhism famous music historian, non-material cultural heritage protection expert tian qing accompanied Buddha mountain takes cases of long master hsing to Chinese contemporary buddhist art show the second session of Chinese contemporary art show, Buddhist sculpture and small sculpture art) Is one of the event in the Chinese contemporary buddhist art activities, and embody a concentrated reflection of contemporary artists in buddhist art creation level, as one of the fourth world buddhist BBS thematic exhibition, will be on October 23, 2015 in wuxi lingshan fanonhouse opening in the morning. Contemporary Chinese Buddhism art is urban public art research center and the China academy of art religious art research center founded, aims to promote the display of Chinese Buddhism culture charm, present the achievements of contemporary Chinese buddhist art, is the largest since the founding, artistic level of the highest buddhist art. The second art exhibition of contemporary Chinese Buddhism from the culture and art committee as a guide unit of the buddhist association of China, urban public art research center, wuxi lingshan academy, partially funded nebula cultural education public welfare foundation. The theme of the exhibition as a 'Buddha' in my heart, with empty spirit, wisdom conception makes artists in inherit Chinese excellent culture tradition, on the basis of fully and freely express understanding of the buddhist art and emotion, showing their talents, create belong to 'the' era of buddhist art. The second exhibition exhibition hundred pieces, both in the traditional technique of statues such as method, such as a small statue home together, Hou Jinhui cooperation 'impression of pharmacist pagodas', Jiang Huimin 'which he covered the Buddha' and so on, and a large amount of new Angle, new thinking, new material of buddhist art, such as Taiwan artist lee jin 'folded', small statues history zhongying 'nebula', iver ', like 'and so on. The exhibition presents the soul of the artist a consistent pursuit, fully embodies the artist today under the background of informatization, pluralistic era, for buddhist sculpture art creation and innovation, on the buddhist paintings creation more distinctive artistic language and more personalized understanding of Buddhism. This session of exhibition for a month, after the fourth world buddhist BBS, will be held on October 27, open to the public. Exhibition: 'which he covered the Buddha' material: bluestone author: Jiang Huimin exhibition: 'the pharmacist pagoda' material: cast copper gold author: segment up Hou Jinhui exhibition: 'ups and downs' material: stainless steel metal welding author: shi zhongying exhibition: 'ray like' material: iron wire author: iver exhibition: 'folded' material: bronze series author: lee jin
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