The second chapter, the types of jade carving, 3) _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-10
Core clew: other sacrificial vessel in addition to the 'six', jade ritual jade jade for the totem worship deities, which for rain, right courtiers used to represent power decided, wat and other ritual sacrifices jade in addition to the 'six', ritual jade jade for the totem worship deities, which for rain, right courtiers used to represent power decided, wat and jade sacrifices containers, such as GUI jie, bean, vase with the reagent, etc. Jade tribal totem worship gods in primitive society, deified ancestors, tribal hero, princes, animals and natural gods. Which the ancients in drought rain when the jade, carved with dragon pattern. Decided by right of jade, to close the governors, coated the sceptre, so called decided. Wat ancient manner in court hands when we meet with the long and narrow board, according to the former with the jade, ivory or bamboo into respectively, in order to remember. Mixer human human jade mainly is the undertaker with jade jade, jade clothing, jade, jade grip structures and the use, jade pillow, jade volume, YuJing and jade, jade, animal figures, etc. Undertaker to feed into the dead jade jade and provide protection for the deceased jade. Structures buried with smelting for food, the wall, cong, etc for its protection. The western zhou dynasty to han dynasty burial jade had the very big development. Bring silver ornamental of the eastern han dynasty jade clothing bring lead vocal that bring Liu Xiu pieces that jade clothing jade clothing is made up of more than two thousand pieces of jade and gold, silver, copper wire into the same overall with the human body, also known as the 'jade joab. ' Jade clothing according to the parts can be separately cover, upper body, sleeve, gloves, part six legs and shoes, wrapped the deaths from head to foot. Emperor of jade clothes with gold thread knot, known as the 'that |, since the order late or early jade emperor wudi clothes became popular, so far our country has been unearthed from dozens of sets of jade clothing. Wei Wen emperor huang 3 years, xelloss disable jade clothing, and then I no longer see jade clothing. To lead vocal ever seen in the tomb was the most representative. In pieces including jade jade to honor the dead, including in the mouth with often is in the shape of cicada to contain the jade take its the meaning of 'metamorphosis' back from the dead. Put the jade cicada in the mouth, said the soul can be separated from the dead bodies of uncleanness, and high and start a new life. Combined with the cicada shape similar to the tongue, the shape of the mouth in the mouth and comfortable. Cicada carved jade is the most vivid in the han dynasty, jade cicada using simple 'han eight knife' carve, art of using saber cheng du jin jian, jade cicada accurate and realistic. Pieces of jade jade grip for the dead hand holding the artifacts, the ancients thinks people almost can't empty-handed, to hold the wealth and power. In the neolithic age is a beast tooth in his hand, the county town of four families in jiangsu Pi light neolithic site, shandong QuFuXi xiahou site, shandong qufu Wei Zhuang can be seen in the ruins of dawenkou culture. Chow, the hands hold several pieces of shell is more a symbol of life. In the han dynasty, in the long cylinder with cut line, simple is the most commonly used in han dynasty, 'han eight knife carving method,' carved into a pig. Jade pig is one of the most popular in han dynasty, jade grip, modelling diversity, and there are more realistic, vivid and lovely. Because the pig is a symbol of wealth and offer food, so pig carved jade a lot to see. And Juan shape jade as jade grip, etc. Bring Han jade cicada bring Han jade cicada bring jade pig
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